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Unleashing Synergies, Driving Success Together

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Muvi sees a partnership as the forging of a strong and long-standing bonding. Like all businesses, we need external expertise and knowledge to meet our core objectives. Our partnership model is designed to engage and reward channel partners while ensuring shared value and optimal business success.

Benefits of Partner Ecosystem

Simply put, our partnership model is completely your business in your own way. We are collaborating to make the Impossible, Possible “TOGETHER”. Take a sneak peek to the Highlights of the program.

    • Find new business opportunities
    • Get access to latest tools and Muvi features to deliver more value to your client
    • Grow your network by connecting with other partners
    • Joint marketing efforts
    • Win more projects
    • Superior commissions and rewards

Explore the partnering opportunities from various business functions and find innovative ways to generate more revenue using Muvi.

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IT Consulting Partners

Be the backbone of Muvi adopters. Help them with

    • System Integration
    • Custom template development
    • Building extensions on Muvi platform
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Marketing Service Providers

Be the face of Muvi adopters. Flaunt your expertise in

  • Content monetization
  • Making store owners reach the unreachable by channelizing web traffic
  • Revamp platform strategy for better ROI
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Subtitling & Transcription Services

Connect to Muvi’s hundreds of store owners who need you for

  • Accurate content translation services
  • Real-time subtitle support
  • Immersive viewing experience
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Business Support Services

Extend your impeccable support services to Content owners.

  • Carrying out Business support
  • Upload, Manage and verify thousands of contents
  • Provide Tech support
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Reseller & Referral Partners

Sell or refer Muvi to potential clients

  • Expand your offering by exploring Muvi’s feature-rich platform
  • Work with the crème de la crème of the industry
  • Avail awesome benefits
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Expand Business

You can offer Muvi as an additional business offering beyond your existing ones to your customers and add to your bottom line.

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Learn New Technology

Building on the Muvi platform involves working in a new technology. You can learn to develop a solution in an environment that involves digital library, AWS, CDNs, payment engine, etc.

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Earn Certification

Once your developer(s) get trained on the platform and are capable of performing operations on it, you get officially certified by Muvi.

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Add New Skill

Once your developer(s) are certified Muvi partner with sound technical know-how of the platform it adds up as another feather on your cap and you can present it as a skill.

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Unlock new horizons of success by joining our thriving partner network! Collaborate with us to leverage innovative solutions, exclusive benefits, and a supportive ecosystem. Together, we'll shape the future of digital experiences.