Player SDK

Add Muvi Player to your iOS and Android apps

Player SDK lets you add Muvi’s powerful, feature-rich player to your existing Android and iOS apps. Muvi Player comes with multiple features such as DRM, Subtitle Support, Adaptive Streaming and more, enabling seamless content streaming via your apps while you host, publish and manage content on Muvi Server

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DRM-enabled Streaming

With Player SDK you get Muvi’s Studio-Approved DRM feature that encrypts your video and audio content, preventing any unauthorized access to content files. With DRM-enabled content streaming, the content being streamed or downloaded is encrypted right up until the end user’s device, thus eliminating any attempts at illegal content interception and usage.This ensures complete protection of your video and audio content while providing immense flexibility in terms of your operations.

Subtitle Support

With Player SDK’s Subtitle Support you can add subtitles to every content. Add subtitles and captions in SRT or VTT format with customized font types, colors and sizes.

Muiltiple Video Resolutions

While streaming both On-Demand and live streaming content, your video should be delivered at the optimum resolution as per the user’s device to ensure high quality video streaming. Muvi’s Player SDK supports faster encoding and transcoding of the video file and converts it into multiple resolutions for different devices, thus delivering an enhanced viewing experience to all users.

Customizable Subtitle Fonts, Color and Size

Long gone are days of separate platforms for Live Streaming and On-demand contents. Muvi offers you unique support to run a combination of Live and On-demand Videos simultaneously on a single platform. With Muvi, you can even monetize your Platforms with different options for Live Streaming and On-demand Videos.


With Player SDK, you get the watermarking feature that helps you insert non-removable watermark content like email id, date, IOP, Address of the user on your content during playback. This enhances easy traceability ensuring no pirate can claim your content as their own or potentially steal your users and revenue.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

With Player SDK you get ABR-enabled streaming (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming) that adapts the streaming video to the speed of the available internet connection. This enables you to deliver unparalleled, uninterrupted streaming experience across the world.

Minimal Coding

While Muvi Server hosts your content, you can add the Muvi Player functionality seamlessly with minimal coding . For adding Muvi Player with our SDK, you don’t have to invest in resources for deploying complex multi-geography IT infrastructure. Muvi Server also provides Muvi API SDK Documentation for your reference/ to help through the process too.

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