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Built on a state-of-the-art architecture with ample room for scalability, eLearning platform from Muvi distinctly scores on its ease of use, adaptability, and futuristic UI. Providing multiple monetizations and content-bundling options, the platform allows you to fully experiment with your content distribution strategy thereby assuring consistent traffic and optimal engagement on your eLearning channel.

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  • Customizable Native Apps
  • Train on Any Device
  • Zero Coding Setup
  • Interactive Learning
  • White-labeled Platform
  • Course Recommender

Customizable Native apps

Customizable Native Apps


Get your customizable Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV, and Fire TV apps built right from scratch, absolutely native adhered to Apple & Google’s defined programming standards respectively. Go live with your personalized app suitable to your business needs in 1-day! And yes, we mean it.

try multiple languages for your Muvi powered web and mobile apps
export and import language strings in Muvi

Train on any Device

Train on any Device


Provide on the go training to your subscribers through Muvi’s multi-device and cross-platform eLearning extension. Learning was never such fun before!

Zero Coding Setup

Zero Code Setup


It’s simple. You’re here with Muvi’s eLearning platform to provide online training and earn money. Not to code. Train stress-free with Muvi’s Zero Coding eLearning platform. No programming absolutely!

translate platform into RTL supported language
Muvi support UTF 8 native language characters

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning


The eLearning extension of Muvi is based on the concept of collaborative learning. You can share study materials, embed media and links to courses, do chapter assessment, quiz, etc. to make the most of each session.

White-labeled Platform

White-labeled Platform


Flash your logo and flaunt your pride. Own your eLearning platform completely with no traces of Muvi whatsoever. Your brand. Your course. Your business. Stream on..

Muvi platform custom metadata translation to other languages
Muvi supports location-based language translation

Course Recommender

Course Recommender


Keep your subscribers glued to your eLearning service by recommending them multiple courses from your content library. Opt for Muvi Recommendation engine and suggest courses to users based on their preference. Best for them who provide a modular course, adding a recommender system to your platform is assuring optimal subscriber engagement and constant revenue.

Multiple DRM Options

Multiple audio language support for DRM contents


Worried about illegal downloading of your content? Stay assured. Protect your content using Muvi’s studio-approved DRM and keep piracy at bay. Our Studio Approved DRM specializes in encryption of audio and video digital content ensuring no access to content or files without approved licenses. Also, Muvi’s watermarking feature helps you insert non-removable watermark content like Name of the instructor, Email ID, Date, IP Address of the user's device on your video during playback at user's end, dynamically.

video files with multiple native language audio tracks
video files with multiple native language audio tracks

Multiple DRM Options


The best way to get the maximum of your business is to measure your subscriber’s progress. Track your user’s learning cycle and recommend them courses to nurture their knowledge further.

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