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Easily Publish Audio & Video Across Various Platforms 10 March 2022

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Easy audio and video publishing on various apps/websites/platforms is a common yet highly sought-after solution for any OTT/VOD business. As solution providers, Muvi Flex has now come up with a solution to ease the task of publishing and distributing audio and video across diverse platforms for its customers. Let’s look more into this new feature of Muvi Flex and its use cases.


Highlights of Muvi Flex’s Audio & Video Publishing Solution


1. Embed Audio/Video into Websites & Apps

Muvi Flex’s customers can now easily embed audio/video to the apps and websites of their choice by following a few simple steps –

Upload the audio/video content → Copy the embed code from the CMS → Paste the embed code into the website/app 

That’s it! Your audience will be able to stream the audio/video content from that app/website.

Use Case

Muvi Flex customer Steve wants to embed the first episode of his latest VOD release on both his app and website. By following the above steps, he can easily do it in just a few minutes!

2. Social Publishing

With this solution of Muvi Flex, users can now not only seamlessly publish audio and video content directly on their social media handles, but can also avail the in-depth analytics of the content performance on the social media platforms. No doubt this will help in reaching out to a wider audience, and adopt better strategies based on the present content performance.

Use Case

Giselle, a Muvi Flex customer, wants to share the latest audio content of her podcast platform on social media. Being a Muvi Flex customer, all she needs to do is – log in to the dashboard and do it through a few button clicks. 

3. Customizable Online Video Player

Muvi Flex’s customizable HTML5-based online video player can now let you meet your business requirements along with providing a seamless ads-free streaming experience to your audience. Starting from adding logo and video cards to modifying it as per your needs – you can do it all through a few button clicks. 

Use Case

Antonio owns an OTT platform and now he wants to customize the video player with his brand logo. Being a Muvi Flex customer, it will be just a matter of a few minutes for him!

4. Deliver Uninterrupted Streaming Experience

Equipped with a built-in CDN having 225+ points of presence around the globe, Muvi Flex enables you to deliver your audio/video content from the nearest server of each of your audience irrespective of their geographical location. As a result, every viewer can stream seamlessly.

Use Case

Steffanie, a Muvi Flex customer, owns an OTT business with a global audience base. With this solution of Muvi Flex, she can ensure that all the viewers can enjoy buffer-free quality streaming from any part of the world.

5. Monetize and Keep Full Revenue 

With Muvi Flex, customers can not only monetize their content based on the multiple monetization models, but can keep 100% of their revenue without any sharing. This helps your business grow more than ever.

Use Case

Devin, an OTT business owner, wants to change his monetization model. With Muvi Flex, he can easily switch his monetization model as well as keep 100% of his revenue without any sharing.

Not limited to these highlights, Muvi Flex’s Audio & Video Publishing Solution offers even more. Read our Audio & Video Publishing Feature Page to know more. If you are yet to try Muvi Flex, take a 14-day Free Trial today (no credit card needed)!

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