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Muvi Flex’s Online Video Player is Customizable and Cross-Device Compatible 09 December 2021

Muvi Flex's Online Video Player is Cross Device Compatible


Muvi Flex offers a completely customizable HTML5-based online video player that helps you deliver the best streaming experience to your viewers. Flex’s online video player is highly customizable and can be embedded into your websites and apps to give you a bump-free video streaming experience.


Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Exclusive Features of Flex’s Online Video Player:



HTML5 Player

Flex’s Online Video Player is HTML5 based making it highly versatile and compatible across multi browser and devices. It’s a fast loading and ad-free online video player, which makes delivering high-quality buffer-free videos a hassle-free job.



Use Case: Samaira can embed Muvi Flex’s online video player into her website to stream videos and also allows her users to stream videos on their mobile devices and browsers without any hassles.



Whitelabel Player

Flex’s online video player is highly customizable and its white label functionality ensures users display your own logo on the player and increase brand awareness. No sign of Muvi anywhere.



Use Case: Ali has just started a video streaming website and he uses his own brand logo on Muvi Flex’s player to showcase his brand and promote his brand persona. 



One Player

This is an exclusive feature of Muvi Flex’s online video player where users are able to stream both audio and video content from the same player. They can switch between audio and video and vice versa at the click of a button.



Use Case: Ngozi has an online store and his users, while playing video on Flex’s online video player can just click a button and switch to audio and vice-versa easily.


Cross-Device and Cross-Browser Compatible

Muvi Flex’s HTML5-based online video player is highly customizable and auto-scalable and can be adapted to fit any screen size. With our cross-browser compatibility, Muvi Flex removes the headache of downloading third-party plugins or software to view a video from your website.


Use Case: Jim’s end-users can view any video from their respectable mobile/desktop browsers without the need of downloading any third-party plugins.


Not limited to these features, Muvi Flex’s Mobile and TV Apps feature  can deliver much more possibilities. Please check out our feature page Online Video Player to know more.


Yet to know more on Flex’s Online Video Player? Take a 14-day Free Trial of Muvi Flex, now!

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