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Muvi Live’s Interactive Live Streaming Accelerates Engagement of your Live Video 18 February 2022

Muvi Live Interactive Live Streaming


Did you know that interactive live streaming increases the chance of conversions by 45%? It is now standard for live streaming to pair live video with interactive features like real-time messaging or live polls to instantly  connect with customers and create engagement and conversions. With Muvi Live, you could make your live events more interactive with your audience and boost audience engagement. Here’s how.


Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Exclusive Features of Interactive Live Streaming:



  • Live Chats


With Muvi Live, interacting with your live audience is as simple as a cake walk. Whether you are teaching yoga or conducting a live demo of your product, you can make your live sessions interactive with Muvi Live’s live chats. Using our live chat feature, your audience can easily interact with you and you can respond to them in real-time. How amazing is that?


Use Case: You are giving a live tutorial on ‘Aerobics’ and your student, Shelly, has a question regarding one particular step of an aerobics exercise. She quickly clears her doubt by asking her question to you directly by using Muvi Live’s live chat feature and you resolve her query in real-time.


  • Real-Time Polls


Another amazing interactive live streaming feature is conducting live polls. For as long as there have been three or more people making a decision, there have been polls. Using this feature, you can conduct polls on your live streams and let your audience vote in real-time. All you have to do is add the poll URL to your live streaming through video cards and your audience can click on the link and participate in the poll.


Use Case: You are live streaming a new recipe on your live streaming platform. You quickly want your audience’s opinion as to which ingredient would better suit the recipe- tomatoes or aubergines? Using Muvi Live’s live chat feature, you can quickly conduct a live poll on your video and directly allow your audience to vote for the same in real-time. Cool, isn’t it?


  • Live Polls and Chats integrated with Multi-Device Streaming


Muvi Live optimizes live streaming for your audience across devices and platforms whenever you are using the live chat and live polls feature. With adaptive bitrate streaming, your audience can live stream your content with the best resolution based on their device and internet connectivity.


Use Case: You can enable live chat of your yoga classes across mobile, tabs and laptops so that your audience can easily reach out to you with their queries in real-time from whichever device they are using.

Not limited to these features, Muvi Live’s Interactive Live Streaming feature can deliver much more possibilities. Please check out our feature page Interactive Live Streaming to know more.


Impressed with our interactive live streaming feature? Take our 14-days Free Trial and check out over 500+ Enterprise Grade features that Muvi Live packs and empowers you to launch a robust live streaming platform in 1-click!  No coding required!


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