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Record Industry-Grade Live Streams With Muvi Live 21 July 2022

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With the fast-growing live streaming sector and the wide popularity of live streaming, recording live streams is not the only concern of the live streaming market players. To bring out the best in the live streams and secure a strong market positioning, one must focus on the quality of the live streams. 

Muvi Live Customers can now record Enterprise-Grade live streams efficiently while availing many of the other facilities. Let’s walk you through the top highlights of Muvi Live’s Live stream recording feature.

Muvi Live’s Enterprise-Grade Live Streams Recording Feature at a Glance

Here we have listed out the top highlights of Muvi Live’s quality live streams recording feature.

Easy Live Stream Recording from Diverse Sources

Muvi Live customers can easily record live streams from diverse sources like cameras, pre-recorded content, screen sharing, and others, as per the availability and business requirements. 

Also, Muvi Live supports various types of streaming encoders such as OBS and VMix to ensure efficient and hassle-free live stream recording. As a result, the live stream recording sources or encoder type is never a restraint for the Muvi Live customers. 

Use Case

Muvi Live customer David wants to record a few live streams from his camera and also wants to live stream a few pre-recorded videos of his B2B product launches. With Muvi Live, he can do it fast and easily.

Simple Repurposing of the Live Streams

Muvi Live lets you repurpose your live streamed content by allowing you to share them as on-demand video content over your apps, website, or other media. This helps you reduce the workload of creating new VOD content and lets you utilize every live stream in the best possible way.

Use Case

John, an OTT platform owner, wants to share some of his live streams as VODs on his website and app. Being a Muvi Live customer, all he needs to do is log in to the dashboard, visit the asset library, and download the live streams to publish them as and when he wants.

Auto-Saving in Cloud Store

Muvi Live is equipped with this highly sought-after solution which auto-saves your every live stream in the cloud storage. Also it offers high flexibility to let you integrate any third party cloud storage as per your requirements.

Use Case

Anthonnie, a Muvi Live customer, needs to live stream a few of his music concerts. Muvi Live will ensure that his every live stream gets auto-saved and the possibility of losing any video content is reduced.


Not limited to the above solutions, Muvi Live’s efficient live stream recording offers even more. Visit our Record Live Streams Efficiently Feature Page to have more insights. If you are yet to live stream with Muvi Live, take a 14-day free trial now (no credit card required).

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