Hybrid Recommendation System – A Beginner’s Guide

17 May 2022

Recommendation systems have become widely popular and created an established reputation in the past few years by delivering a personalized experience to the consumers. A Software that has gained maximum attention because of its variety of applications for recommending products or services to the users.

What is a Hybrid Recommendation System?

A hybrid recommendation system is a special type of recommender system that provides a recommendation to the user by combining two or more methods i.e., the content-based and collaborative-based filtering method. Combining both of these filtering methods helped overcome the challenges faced using them separately.

If you want to know more about Hybrid recommender system, then you are at the right place. This eBook will guide you through the hybrid recommender in detail. 

Points covered in this eBook are:

  • What is a hybrid recommender? 
  • How does the hybrid recommendation system work – A use case
  • Hybrid filtering techniques 
    • Weighted 
    • Switching 
    • Mixed 
    • Cascade 
    • Feature combination 
    • Feature augmentation 
    • Meta-level 
  • Changing face of recommendations with hybrid recommender


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