Whitepaper: Securing Media Content

Piracy, copying and redistribution of videos are some common security threats content owners face while distributing their content to the mass audience. Hackers use web content tampering, stealing from the cache, stream ripping, player hijacking, deep linking, link sharing and a lot more ways to steal the web content. This whitepaper inspects content security problems in the digital media landscape. It emphasizes on the threat of content piracy and Digital Rights Management (DRM) challenges companies face and the effective methods to cope with the problem.

In this Whitepaper we will discuss –

  • Securing media at the Server Level
  • Securing at Application Level (Web & Mobile)
  • Role of DRM
  • Preventing the Misuse
  • Watermarking

Muvi brings to you an unmatchable blend of online video platform with high level of video security measures that makes streaming to a mass audience safe and easy. Muvi adopts various video security and preventive measures to ensure your videos are covered with high level security layers to prevent any form of online piracy and threats. Muvi employs SSL encryptions, PCI compliant standards, multi-level firewalls, disaster recovery, DNS, CDN, DRM, watermarking and 24*7 monitoring and audits etc to name a few to ensure enterprise level security is provided to your platform and content.

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