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How Muvi’s Encoding Solution Ensures Optimal Video Quality and Speed Simultaneously 14 March 2024

Imagine a world without video encoding! Gigantic, uncompressed video files would have clogged the internet. It would probably have required supercomputers and fiber-optic connections in every home to decode these huge video files. Also, videos wouldn’t play on your phone, … Continue reading

What is Lossless Audio: Everything You Need to Know 18 July 2023

Audio compression is used regularly in the streaming industry. But many times, the compressed audio files lose their charm and differ from the original soundtrack. This is due to losses during the compression process. To counter this, a lossless audio … Continue reading

“Per-title Encoding” or “Adaptive Bitrate Encoding” – What Is It And How Is It Used? 31 May 2023

We know that different types of videos need different bitrates and encoding settings to achieve the best quality. Per Title Encoding, also called Adaptive Bitrate Encoding, helps in achieving this objective.   In contrast to classic encoding techniques, where the same … Continue reading