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How Muvi’s Encoding Solution Ensures Optimal Video Quality and Speed Simultaneously 14 March 2024

Imagine a world without video encoding! Gigantic, uncompressed video files would have clogged the internet. It would probably have required supercomputers and fiber-optic connections in every home to decode these huge video files. Also, videos wouldn’t play on your phone, … Continue reading

Progressive Vs Interlaced Video Encoding: A Complete Guide 29 August 2023

  Progressive vs interlaced video encoding is a highly discussed topic among the streaming businesses. In the fast-paced streaming industry, the battle between Progressive Video Encoding and Interlaced Video Encoding rages on, shaping the landscape of streaming content delivery.  As … Continue reading

What is Progressive Video Encoding and What are its advantages? 17 August 2023

  Video content has become an integral part of our daily lives. From entertainment and education to marketing and communication, videos have the power to engage, inform, and inspire audiences worldwide. However, with the ever-increasing demand for high-quality video streaming … Continue reading