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Scalability in Cloud Computing: Everything you Need to Know 30 March 2021

  From the inception of cloud computing, storing data has become a lot easier than it was in the past with its paraphernalia of investments, resources, management. The two biggest benefits of the cloud are: cost effectiveness and simplified scalability. In this blog we will be discussing the concept of cloud scalability and its kinds …

Best Practices for Building a Multi-Cloud Management Strategy 13 October 2020

  2020 is the year of Cloud Computing and cloud systems and industries will continue to expand further in the years to come. A multi-cloud world is quickly becoming the new normal for businesses across the globe. However, onboarding a multi-cloud management journey can become an uphill task and managing multiple cloud providers may seem …

Best Practices for Building a Hybrid Cloud Strategy 09 October 2020

    In our previous blog Multi-cloud vs Hybrid Cloud Solution, we highlighted all the characteristics and differences between two emerging cloud deployment models- Multi-Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud Solutions. As you already know pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy combines the computing control brought by a private cloud, with the flexibility achieved by the public cloud, …

Cloud Computing Trends in 2020 28 September 2020

  2020 is the year of cloud computing. From businesses turning to advanced encryption and secure cloud solutions to protect data in today’s threat-rich scenario to deploying hybrid multi-cloud strategies, organizations are increasingly embracing cloud computing technologies to streamline workflows. In the next few minutes, we will walk you through the emerging cloud computing trends …

What are the Main Cloud Computing Service Models? 19 August 2020

  Are you moving your business to the Cloud, but not sure about the service models and their critical performance parameters one should look for before opting for one? Well, we are here to help. If you’re considering moving your business to the Cloud, whether it be for launching a streaming application or an e-commerce …

Addressing Cloud Security: Why is it Important? 31 July 2020

  The number of businesses migrating their data to the cloud has been increasing consistently since cloud platforms provide enterprises with a more secure outlet for storing their content, applications, and data. For businesses making the transition to the cloud, robust cloud security is imperative. With security threats constantly evolving into more sophisticated forms, cloud …

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