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Enjoy Uninterrupted Streaming with Muvi One’s Auto Scalability Feature 01 July 2024

  Powered by the unparalleled infrastructure of AWS, Muvi One effortlessly handles high traffic volumes and concurrent users, ensuring your audience enjoys uninterrupted streaming, no matter the demand. Our auto-scaling lifecycle dynamically adapts to your traffic patterns, providing an infinitely … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Host your Videos on Muvi Server 30 April 2021

¬† In order to make your online video business more professional¬† you would need a cloud video streaming server to host, store, manage, and deliver your videos. However, this process entails the process of contacting multiple vendors ( CDN provider, … Continue reading

Scalability in Cloud Computing: Everything you Need to Know 30 March 2021

¬† From the inception of cloud computing, storing data has become a lot easier than it was in the past with its paraphernalia of investments, resources, management. The two biggest benefits of the cloud are: cost effectiveness and simplified scalability. … Continue reading