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How Secure Video Sharing of Muvi Flex Works? 20 March 2024

As content creators or video entrepreneurs, you constantly keep worrying about protecting your videos during playback, isn’t it? And that is why, you use layers of encryption including multi-DRM, forensic and dynamic watermarking, and many more advanced tools to prevent … Continue reading

How Dynamic Watermarking Helps Protect Your Content From Piracy? 03 November 2022

  In today’s video and entertainment industry, piracy is one of the biggest concerns. Whether it is movies, media broadcasts, sports live streaming, or even VOD content, piracy is a threat everywhere. Over the years, multiple technologies have been innovated … Continue reading

Deter Piracy with Dynamic Watermarking 06 January 2017

According to a recent survey from Columbia University, 45% of Americans actively pirate movies, and some 70% state that they see nothing wrong with online piracy. When users don’t get to access the most demanded piece of content the legit ways, … Continue reading