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Deter Piracy with Dynamic Watermarking

Roshan Dwivedi Published on : 06 January 2017
Deter Piracy with Dynamic Watermarking - Muvi

According to a recent survey from Columbia University, 45% of Americans actively pirate movies, and some 70% state that they see nothing wrong with online piracy. When users don’t get to access the most demanded piece of content the legit ways, they will find ways of accessing it otherwise. The last season of Game of Thrones was the most pirated content and this is because HBO didn’t distribute the series as much as it should have, in most parts of the world, and viewers couldn’t wait for the time for it to release in their regions, and thus, they’ve found pirate ways of uploading and accessing it from torrent sites. No doubt, piracy eats up all the significant amount of revenues that could have been made from distributing this content originally.

Content isn’t always intended for a wider distribution; however, sharing of it is as easy as clicking a “share” button. When you are into the broadcasting business, it becomes essentially important to protect your content from getting pirated. You put a lot of effort getting that content together, sometimes it even costs a lot generating new pieces and when it goes out into the public, there is not really much you can do to keep it safe. Technology plays a big part in making your content protected, restricting unauthorised access from unsolicited users. A video technology protection called DRM plays a huge role in encrypting your videos and restricting illicit ways of streaming/accessing/downloading right from the source. However, how do you ensure that people are not copying your videos and aren’t making illicit copies of it by capturing screens or any other ways of recording from a  handheld device like camera of mobile phone ?

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Dynamic Watermarking is the ultimate solution that puts an unremovable piece of watermarked content (logo, date, IP Address and/or a username) onto the video that can help identifying the viewer and thus, deter plagiarized use of that piece of content. Watermarking can be done in two ways – by putting a static watermark onto the video content and by putting a dynamic watermark, which changes with who is watching the video and can help identify the source of piracy much easily. Dynamic watermarking provides an added layer of security that adds a particular viewers details such as a name, date or IP address onto the content being watched, deterring them from recording or sharing that video.

Removing dynamic watermarks is very difficult and largely just not possible without compromising on the image quality or cropping of the clip, which anyways makes it unable to be reused. Having a dynamic watermark ensures that when the video is re-uploaded, it becomes easy to find out where it came from.

Muvi has been helping video content owners to safely launch their video platforms by allowing them to easily add the option of dynamic watermarks in their videos. Muvi customers can easily allow any of their viewer’s information such as Email Address, IP Address, Date or anything else as dynamic watermark, simply restricting them to copy the content. Muvi watermarks are also very difficult to remove as they aren’t fixed to any one place but keep rotating over the screen.

All you have to do in order to activate dynamic watermarking on your video platform powered by Muvi is to tick mark the watermark option in your Muvi dashboard, along with the information you’d like to display as watermark and you’re done, you will have your videos secured just in clicks. Not only does Muvi deter your videos from being distributed illicitly, but also protects them with a highly secure Hollywood approved DRM thus, leaving no chance of security threat.

Launch your own OTT video streaming platform with the most robust technology solution available today – Muvi, and take advantage of world’s best streaming technology.

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Written by: Roshan Dwivedi

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