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Muvi Live’s Multi-DRM helps you Secure Your Live Streams From Unauthorized Access Across Devices 06 June 2024

  Ensuring secure streaming protects individuals’ privacy by preventing unauthorized access to the stream. Similarly, live streams should also be secure and protected to ensure your live broadcasts aren’t illegally accessed or pirated for any other purpose. Many live streams … Continue reading

How Muvi’s Multi-DRM Architecture Works to Prevent Content Piracy 29 March 2024

As a video streaming entrepreneur, one thing that you should dread is Piracy. Content piracy directly translates to lost revenue for your streaming platform. When users access content illegally instead of subscribing, streaming entrepreneurs like you miss out on subscription … Continue reading

How Secure Video Sharing of Muvi Flex Works? 20 March 2024

As content creators or video entrepreneurs, you constantly keep worrying about protecting your videos during playback, isn’t it? And that is why, you use layers of encryption including multi-DRM, forensic and dynamic watermarking, and many more advanced tools to prevent … Continue reading

Announcing Muvi’s Latest Update: Introducing Multi-DRM Security for Enhanced Content Protection 19 March 2024

  Multi-DRM helps protect your audio and video content on your streaming platform from various cyber threats, illegal usage, and downloads. Specifically, your content is protected from unauthorized access, copying, redistribution and piracy. With Muvi’s multi-DRM, you can keep your … Continue reading

Video DRM – A Detailed Guide 04 January 2024

In this era of piracy, protecting your video content is the key. And Digital Rights Management or Video DRM plays a key role in content protection. Though it is slightly complicated technically, you must have a thorough understanding of it … Continue reading

Earmark your Content: Watermarking as a way to secure your streams? 19 August 2021

  The consumption of OTT content has been increasing rapidly, and it has transformed the entire video landscape across the internet. But, what about the security of the valuable content that was created for the OTT platforms ? The technology … Continue reading