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Going Live Like a Pro: 6 Game-Changing Features from Muvi Live 18 August 2023

Today, engagement with the audience has been redefined thanks to the constantly evolving digital landscape. Live streaming has become the leader in connecting with audiences across all industries, educators, creators, and much more. Direct interaction with the audience, immediate feedback, … Continue reading

African American consumers adopt streaming services 17 September 2018

African American consumers have espoused technology to a great extent which has now unprecedented impact on the country’s economy, culture, and society, a study reveals. African Americans participate more than other ethnic groups in the country when it comes to … Continue reading

High Dynamic Range for mobile: HDR Premium, Dolby Vision, and more 09 January 2018

In my previous blog on HDR and enhancing the effect of 4K, we had discussed the traits of High Dynamic Range being designed to accommodate a greater range of contrast in a video content. HDR allows images with high contrast … Continue reading

Live Streaming’s Next Big Frontier : Yoga 07 October 2015

  Helsinki-based startup Yoogaia has a roster of qualified yoga instructors who lead a variety of classes in English, German, and Finnish, live streamed from each of Yoogaia’s three studios in London, Helsinki, and Hong Kong. People who don’t have time … Continue reading