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Going Live Like a Pro: 6 Game-Changing Features from Muvi Live

Shivashish Published on : 18 August 2023
Muvi Live Features

Today, engagement with the audience has been redefined thanks to the constantly evolving digital landscape. Live streaming has become the leader in connecting with audiences across all industries, educators, creators, and much more. Direct interaction with the audience, immediate feedback, and real-time information transfer all contribute to making live streaming an important form of communication for a wide range of purposes. This is however largely technology dependent and as technology continues to advance, the demand for stable live-streaming software solutions has been rising exponentially.

When we talk about live streaming, we have to consider live streaming done on multiple devices such as mobile applications, websites, and television sets. The audience can be anywhere and to be able to stream like a professional, it is very important to take care of the technological aspects of live streaming. In this blog, we are going to discuss how Muvi Live, a cutting-edge live streaming software solution, helps you stream like a pro every time. Muvi Live makes live streaming easier for its users in many ways that we will talk about soon. 

Live streaming as we said before is a tool that has the potential to reach millions of users and needless to say, reaching a large audience should be a priority for any creator or business owner on the internet. Live Streaming Insights

Live streaming has taken the world by storm. Today sports are live-streamed along with real-time reactions gaining huge viewership. Live streaming is a thriving business and before we move on to Muvi Live’s game-changing features, let’s take a look at some interesting live streaming statistics. 

  1. Bigo Live was the highest-grossing mobile live-streaming app in the first quarter of 2022, generating close to 82 million dollars in customer expenditure over the studied time. Twitch placed second overall among the top 10 live-streaming apps, despite having the highest percentage of daily users, with over 73 million US dollars. 
  2. A survey done in 2021 found that in the United States, 37% of monthly livestream watchers watched live streams of breaking news. With a 31 percent viewing rate among American livestream viewers, comedy livestreams came in second.
  3. The live-streaming video platform Twitch is one of the most popular ways in which viewers watch their favorite gamers stream their gaming exploits. A combined total of 5.71 billion hours were watched on Twitch in the third quarter of 2022. 
  4. The gaming industry has been linked to the popularity of live streaming in the entertainment industry, with the top platforms in the field collecting almost 7.2 billion hours of content viewed in the third quarter of 2022.

6 Game-Changing Features of Muvi Live

Live streaming with Muvi Live is easy. However, this does not mean we are compromising on features. Built for professionals, Muvi Live has a huge list of features that make live streaming a great experience for its users as well as for the viewers. Here are a few features that make Mvi Live stand apart from others.

Instant No-Code Setup

Built on a no-code approach, you do not require any coding knowledge to set up and start live streaming from your devices with minimal technical complexity. This removes the barriers to entry making live streaming more and more accessible to individuals and businesses who cannot start live streaming instantly, We also have help articles, videos, and 24/7 customer support for prompt resolutions. 

You can also add live-streaming capabilities to your existing app using Live SDKs. It can act as your video backend that can be accessible via an extensible REST API. This way you can integrate feature-rich live streaming into your iOS, Android, and web applications. Muvi Live, therefore, is a customizable extensive setup that can deliver the best live streaming experience to all your targeted devices and audiences. 

Mobile Live Streaming

Don’t want to get into the complexity of having an encoder and desktop and want a simple way to stream just by using your Android or iOS phone? Don’t worry, Muvi has got your back.

Muvi Live has a dedicated Live App for mobile devices that lets broadcasters stream effortlessly right from the mobile camera in seconds without any OBS or other technical hassles. The app comes with all the functionality of Muvi Live and enables you to do great streams and share them via embed links to your users or stream directly on websites and social media. Turn your phone into a professional camera and start streaming instantly.

Live Meetings: A Refined Approach to Video Conferencing

Muvi Live redefines video conferencing with its add-on Meetings lets you have two-way video calls with up to 600 participants and broadcast that interaction to thousands of viewers across the globe on apps, websites, and televisions, etc. A perfect solution for coaching, consulting, webinars, and much more, you can set up meetings at no upfront costs and pay only for the bandwidth you consume, unlike other video conferencing services that come with monthly subscription costs.

This cost-effective solution is no less in its offerings. With options to secure meetings using passwords, screen sharing capabilities, and recording to convert live to on-demand content, Meetings is the next revolution in video conferencing technology. 

Analytics Tracker Like Never Before

The key to maximizing content strategy is to have a solid understanding of viewer behavior. Real-time analytics from Muvi Live provide information on audience engagement, peak viewing hours, and content performance. With the use of this insightful information, businesses and content producers may adjust their services to better appeal to their target market, resulting in an engaging live-streaming experience. 

With Muvi Live, you get all important parameters to monitor your stream health such as watch time, user geography, audience growth and retention, revenue generated, top live streams, concurrent viewers, chat rate, etc and all of it comes via interactive downloadable reports just like Google Analytics.

Futuristic Player & CMS for Clients

Muvi Live offers you an HTML5-based online video player that supports AVOD, the addition of subtitles, dual-audio compatibility, and much more. DVR-enabled live stream ensures that your end users can pause and rewind the live stream and as a live streamer you can also choose to record the streams and push them as on-demand content. 

Automatic encoding and transcoding convert your streams to various file formats and resolutions to cater to all types of users and internet speeds and multi-DRM approach and dynamic watermarking protects your content across the internet.

The CMS is built to help the streamer handle live streams with ease and handle their streaming like a pro.

PAYG Feature

At Muvi we believe in humble beginnings and support it with software capabilities. Muvi Live is based on a pay-as-you-go feature which means you do not require any monthly subscription charges and all you need to pay for is the bandwidth and data that you consume. This helps support scalability and makes live streaming with Muvi Live a cost-friendly experience.

With the help of Muvi Live’s extensive feature set, users may fully utilize the live-streaming technology’s potential for communication, education, and entertainment. With its cutting-edge player and CMS, mobile live streaming, enhanced video conferencing, and developer-friendly APIs and SDKs, Muvi Live turns live streaming into a powerful and smooth experience.

Muvi Live can be used by businesses that are trying to expand their reach by showcasing their products or services live via webinars or meetings. It can be used by influencers to build their community and educators to set up remote educational classes and reach every corner of the world. From church live streaming to live streaming for auctions, Muvi Live has the technological capability to cater to every requirement and act as a bridge between innovation and engagement. 

Get a free trial of Muvi Live today and experience the future of live streaming today.


Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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