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Top 5 Live Meeting Software with Recording and Live Streaming in 2024 29 March 2024

Ever missed a crucial point in a meeting? Scrambled to catch up with a colleague who couldn’t attend? We’ve all been there! But what if there was a way to ensure everyone has access to the information and discussions, even … Continue reading

Supercharge Your Webinars & Meetings with Muvi 21 December 2023

All companies are doing online meetings and webinars nowadays. These meetings are recorded, stored, and saved because these recordings are useful for future records, compliances, notes, and references.  However, these recordings often remain scattered on various storage destinations. Some meeting … Continue reading

Muvi Live Meetings: Go Beyond Standard Live Streaming 02 November 2023

In 2023, virtual conferences and webinars are regular affairs in 86% of the organizations. If your organization is one of them, you must be aware of the limitations of various online meeting software that we usually use.  Well, to improve … Continue reading