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API Security in Video Streaming 15 May 2024

While video streaming, we have to deal with a lot of data which is sensitive and confidential related mostly to users and content. In order to keep that data safe and secure, we have to take certain stringent measures, as … Continue reading

Supercharge Your Webinars & Meetings with Muvi 21 December 2023

All companies are doing online meetings and webinars nowadays. These meetings are recorded, stored, and saved because these recordings are useful for future records, compliances, notes, and references.  However, these recordings often remain scattered on various storage destinations. Some meeting … Continue reading

6 Types of Videos Any Business Can Use 16 April 2021

  There’s a video for everything- be it looking out for the best pair of hiking shoes or searching for the most pocket-friendly cloud streaming server for your video business. Well, when it comes to creating and uploading videos on … Continue reading

Video Streaming Trends to Watch Out for in 2021 30 December 2020

  2020 was the year of video. As video streaming has surpassed all other media in the age of self isolation and lack of human contact, everyone has started to look for human connection right now and what better way … Continue reading