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Supercharge Your Webinars & Meetings with Muvi

Debarpita Banerjee Published on : 21 December 2023
Supercharge Your Webinars & Meetings Recordings with Muvi

All companies are doing online meetings and webinars nowadays. These meetings are recorded, stored, and saved because these recordings are useful for future records, compliances, notes, and references. 

However, these recordings often remain scattered on various storage destinations. Some meeting recording tools record and store the recordings in the user’s computers, while others store them on cloud storage. Some tools even store the recordings in their own internal storage. So, collating, tagging, and managing these recordings in a central repository becomes difficult. 

Also, these recordings often need to be shared with other employees as internal files. Many companies prefer sharing them over their local intranet pages or apps. While some others even need to share them externally. But due to a lack of a central video repository or management tool, sharing becomes difficult too! 

Many times, confidential information and matters are discussed in the meetings. So, the meeting recordings are also confidential and hence deserve complete protection from any form of leaking, hacking, or data stealing attempt. They need security in terms of user access as well as content security in storage and while transferring and streaming the recordings.

Overall, there is a need for a central tool that can help companies better manage their meeting and webinar recordings, tag them, archive them to make them easily searchable and have the ability to share these recordings internally or externally in a safe and secure manner. 

This is where Muvi comes in, and helps you do not just that, but much more with these recordings and videos. We will explain more about it in this blog. So, keep reading!

What is Muvi?

Muvi is one of the leading streaming & media management (DAM/MAM) solutions companies in the industry today. It offers multiple products to customers on a SaaS model related to their media management and streaming requirements. With its experience and offerings, Muvi has been helping companies of all shapes and sizes across industries manage their media (Video or Audio) library, share it, and even launch an end-to-end streaming service like Netflix or launch a platform like Udemy with its streaming website, apps, and monetization options, all without any coding.

So let’s dive into how Muvi can help you manage your recordings and videos. 

How To Use Muvi for Managing Your Meeting Recordings?

Muvi has multiple solutions that help you centralize, manage, host, store, tag, archive, and share your meeting recordings. They also help you ensure security for these recordings, avoiding data leakage. 

Central Video Storage and Distribution

Muvi offers multiple solutions for video storage, management, and distribution. However, when you need a central and secure video repository that helps you manage, tag, store, and share videos, Muvi Flex fits the bills perfectly! So, let’s take a look at Muvi Flex, their Video Content Management System (Video CMS) that can help you do just that.

What is Muvi Flex? 

Muvi Flex is a secure video hosting, media storage, and management platform offered by Muvi. Think of Muvi Flex as your very own internal Video Management and Sharing solution. It helps you host and tag your video and audio content over a centralized video CMS, share & distribute them with a secure link or embed option, create playlists, and publish them over multiple social media channels.

It comes with a built-in DRM (Digital Rights Management) system, that helps ensure videos stored in Flex are secure when they are transferred, streamed, or played and prevents any sort of hacking or piracy attempts. 

Muvi Flex WebP CMS

How can it help you?

Muvi Flex will help you manage your meeting recordings in the following ways:

  • You can host and store your recordings on Muvi Flex. By doing so, all your meeting recordings will be centrally managed using Muvi Flex CMS, which will help you archive them easily. 
  • You can even add meeting notes and descriptions that will help you keep reference to the points discussed in the meeting.
  • The metadata added to the recordings will help in finding them easily. 
  • You can also embed the recorded videos over your intranet or corporate website so that your employees can access them whenever they want. 
  • Muvi Flex’s built-in DRM security will prevent any form of data leakage and keep your meeting recordings safe. 


Typical Workflow of How Flex will Work with Your Existing Meeting Solution

In case you are using a meeting platform that supports meeting recording, you can use Muvi Flex to host and store your meeting recordings as shown in the diagram given below:

If your meeting software support recording

And if you are using a meeting platform that does not support meeting recording, you can still use Muvi Flex as shown in the diagram given below:

If your meeting software do not support recording

Some Key Features of Muvi Flex:
  • It supports both video and audio formats, so even in-person meetings which are recorded can also be added, stored, tagged, and archived. 
  • It supports multiple video formats.
  • The video remains completely secured as Muvi Flex offers built-in DRM security.
  • Built-in CDN network helps deliver buffer-free videos to all geographical locations making it easy for companies to share it with the global workforce or viewers. 
  • Create playlists
  • Social sharing
  • Customized HTML5 Video Player

So, leverage Muvi Flex’s content management system to manage your meeting and webinar recordings more efficiently. Sign up here to start your 14-day free trial of Muvi Flex. 

video portals

Dedicated Website and App for Video Streaming and Monetization

If you are executing a whole lot of public-facing webinars, workshops, and conferences and are looking at an option to share the recordings of these sessions easily with your attendees via a dedicated Video Portal, which not only allows viewers to stream and view these videos but also allows you to monetize these sessions, then Muvi One is the perfect solution for you! 

What is Muvi One?

Muvi One is your one-stop destination to create your own feature-packed video streaming service without writing a single line of code! You can launch a Netflix or Udemy-styled service that includes a streaming website and apps in 16+ ecosystems including Android App, iOS App, Android TV App, Apple TV App, and many more. It will help you monetize your videos by publishing them as on-demand content and you can even live stream your new webinars or conferences onto this portal and monetize the same as well! 

How can it help you?

Muvi One can help you manage your videos in the following ways:

  • You can develop a front-end interface for your videos in the form of a website, mobile, or TV app. Hence, your users can access the videos from this platform. 
  • You can restrict access to these videos by asking your users to register and log in. User authentication and sign sign-on will help prevent unwanted access. 
  • You can monetize your videos using multiple monetization options including pay-per-view, ad-based streaming, or subscription. You keep 100% of the revenue.    
  • You can also capitalize on Muvi One’s eLearning module and develop a learning and training platform using the meeting recordings for your employees. 


Key Features

Some of the major features of Muvi One are:


Few additional Use Cases you can achieve with Muvi One

Muvi One is not limited to what we mentioned above. At its core, it is an end-to-end audio/video streaming and management platform, offering you the ability to store, manage, distribute & monetize your videos complete with a frontend website and apps, that can be customized to your specific requirements and brand guidelines. However, there are a few additional use cases Muvi One can help you achieve, like:

  • You can launch your own internal video-based communications portal for internal and external communications.
  • You can even launch your own Employee onboarding and training program.
  • Launch your own Product training and service portal, allowing a quick and easy method for global companies to train their sales and service teams on new products.
  • Launch your own partner training portal, that you can leverage while onboarding new partners and training existing partners on your products and solutions, quicker and faster.
  • Launch your own Conference Portal.


And the best part is, you can try Muvi One for FREE for 14 days! Sign up here to start your 14-day free trial. 

Live Stream Meetings & Webinars at Scale 

We all know that Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, Teams, and other such tools have a cap on the number of live viewers they can support during a meeting or a webinar, and at times you will need to reach a much wider audience. Also as their pricing is based on the number of users/viewers when you scale exponentially, these solutions become quite expensive. 

This is where Muvi once again comes in and can help you with Muvi Live, its live streaming service

What is Muvi Live?

Muvi Live is the premium live-streaming service offered by Muvi. With Live Stream built-in CDN, ABR, DVR-enabled live play, and multi-DRM security, Muvi Live helps you deliver seamless, buffer-free, and secured live streams across the globe. Its pay-as-you-go payment model makes sure that you don’t need to pay any fees upfront.  

How can it help you?

Muvi Live will help you broadcast your meetings and webinars to a larger section of the audience, in the following ways:

  • You can take the RTMP or HLS URL of your meeting and webinar from the meeting software that you are using, like Zoom, WebX, etc, and insert it into Muvi Live to broadcast the same to millions of people worldwide. This feature is especially beneficial for big companies doing product launches, town halls, etc.
  • You can use Muvi Live Meetings for two-way live meetings with up to 600 participants. 


Let’s talk about Muvi Live Meetings in a bit more detail in our next section.

Muvi Live Meetings

Muvi Live Meetings, the premium video conferencing tool offered by Muvi, is one of the most comprehensive live video conferencing and webinar platforms which is truly one of its kind. It has some unique features that are not offered by many leading online meeting solutions, some of which are as follows:

  • It is a completely web-based platform. It means you don’t have to download any software to conduct or access any meetings or webinars. 
  • It works with all the leading web browsers and devices. 
  • We don’t have any restrictions over meeting durations. 
  • You can invite up to 600 concurrent participants to your meetings.
  • You can host multiple meetings in a single time slot. 
  • No need to pay any subscription fees upfront. We will bill you as per our pay-as-you-go model


And, if you use Muvi Live Meetings to conduct your live meetings and broadcasts, you can then complement it with Muvi Flex for hosting and managing your meeting recordings, as described in the flow chart given below.


If customer is using Muvi Live Meetings

Some more features of Muvi Live

Apart from the features of Muvi Live that we already discussed, there are many others too, that make it an extremely lucrative tool to live broadcast your meetings to billions of viewers worldwide. Some of its major features are:


Try it for yourself! Sign up here to start using Muvi Live FOR FREE!

Live streaming platform

To Sum Up 

Muvi offers a range of products that help you manage all your meeting recordings from a central CMS, embed them over websites and apps, tag and monetize them very easily, and live broadcast them to a larger audience. 

As we saw in the blog, you can:

  • Use Muvi Flex to host, store, and centrally manage all your meeting recordings from a single video CMS. Also, you can embed your videos, add descriptions to them, and share them. 
  • Use Muvi One to develop streaming platforms and apps across multiple devices and screens, where your users can access your meeting recordings. You can even monetize these recordings. 
  • Use Muvi Live to broadcast your live meetings and webinars to a large number of viewers, and use Muvi Live Meetings for 2-way interaction with over 600 participants. 

Muvi products can be integrated with your regular video conferencing and webinar software like Zoom, WebEx, or Google Meet, and hence they help in managing your meeting and webinar recordings more efficiently. So, don’t miss this opportunity. Try Muvi products today! 


Muvi Flex helps you host and tag your meeting recordings over a centralized video CMS. You can add descriptions to these recordings, share & distribute them with a secure link, or embed them on your website and apps. You can also create playlists, and publish them over multiple social media channels. Muvi Flex’s built-in multi-DRM helps keep your meeting recordings secure.

Yes, Muvi Flex can handle both video and audio formats of meeting recordings. 

Muvi Flex’s built-in multi-DRM helps secure your meeting recordings by encrypting them using special DRM keys. Also, they protect the meeting recordings from any screenshot or screen-recording attempt during playback.

Using Muvi One, you can develop websites and apps to stream your meeting recordings and monetize them using multiple monetization options. 

Written by: Debarpita Banerjee

Debarpita is a Content Writer with Muvi. With around 2 years of experience in content creation, she has worked across industries like SaaS, EdTech, eLearning, AR-VR, and Metaverse. She believes in delivering content that can be of some value to the readers. In her free time, she likes to try her hand at website and app development.

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