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Analysis of Millennials Highlights Major Threat to Traditional TV 18 January 2016

Major UK TV companies face the growing threat of the millennial generation’s preference for new media channels, according to research by L.E.K. Consulting, the global strategy consultancy. One of the most important challenges comes from millennials’ planned reduction in spend … Continue reading

TV Still Preferred But OTT Catching Up Fast In Canada 18 January 2016

TV is still the No. 1 medium for daily consumption in Canada, but the internet is not far behind. The vast majority of consumers in the country spend time with both every day—as well as with radio. Data cited by … Continue reading

Online TV Services Can Help Cable Restructure Ad Spends 01 October 2015

  On-demand & live Video streaming services have become a viable alternative to Cable TV today as OTT services have established a strong market among the younger audience. The structure of these OTT video services not only allow users to customize their … Continue reading