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Southeast Asia Is The Next Big Destination For Video Streaming Services 02 November 2015

  Major movie studio labels in Hollywood are beginning to join forces with telcos and streaming startups in Southeast Asia to expand their audience bases radically, something Netflix did in the US. Let;s not forget that its a fast-growing region dominated … Continue reading

Cable Industry Gets Back On Its Feet With Big Numbers In The Third Quarter 02 November 2015

  Alright, we were the ones who said that cable isn’t going to survive the streaming onslaught. We are sure it won’t hold up for long but what it has done today is amazing. We are witnessing a fight back. … Continue reading

Over 100 Players Claiming Stake In South African VOD Race 30 October 2015

  As per consultants Balancing Act, the South African VOD services race now has over 100 platforms competing. Most of them are regional or genre specific but they are still VOD. Some are mere startups aspiring to excel in a … Continue reading

TV Networks Want To Go Ad-Free After VOD Competition 30 October 2015

  Let’s face it. Cord-cutting isn’t really the T-Rex we thought it would be. But that does not mean its not affecting the TV networks with its growing influence and popularity. In fact, cable is having a rough time and … Continue reading

SVOD Streaming Engagement Rate Reaches The Double Of Broadcast Rate 29 October 2015

  A recent study  by the Publicis-owned media agency, ZenithOptimedia, claims that streaming users were found to be watching notable less traditional TV while 15% reported watching no broadcast TV at all. This leads to a serious implication : Time spent watching broadcast is being cannibalized … Continue reading

Netflix’s VOD Gamble Pays Off, Idris Elba Starrer Rakes Up 3 Million Streams 29 October 2015

  VOD service Netflix’s invasion into original theatrical-quality motion pictures has already started with the limited theatrical and fest release of Beasts Of No Nation, a film believed by its own director Cary Fukunaga and lead actor Idris Elba to be a conventional prestige release. It’s … Continue reading

D2C Will End The Reign Of Linear Channels 28 October 2015

D2C or Direct 2 Customer offerings are being touted as the last nail on the coffin for linear TV channels. Not that it is very alarming at the moment, but with time it will surely impact the linear TV viewing. … Continue reading

Racially Diverse Characters Are Giving Streaming Services The Edge Over Cable 28 October 2015

  VOD services like Netflix and Amazon have become trendsetters in the recent years paving way for cultural phenomenons like binge watching and time-shifted TV viewing. Even the way content programming was done, has changed. Apart their huge arsenal of content … Continue reading

VOD Drives Cord Cutting Further In Canada 26 October 2015

  Cable majors in Canada are taking some serious hits after VOD service Netflix arrived. Collectively Netflix and other video streaming services have enhanced the rate of cord cutting rapidly this year. The Calgary-based cable network Shaw Communications recently unveiled its 2015 … Continue reading

VOD Registers A Stunning 8.5% Annual Growth In Germany This Year 26 October 2015

Entertainment industry in Germany is approaching the €10 billion mark this year, fueled by Pay-TV and VOD revenues,  as per the newly published VPRT report. VPRT is the leading commercial broadcaster’s association in Germany. This remarkable growth rate is accredited … Continue reading