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Streaming Video Is Growing At Snail’s Pace In Japan 21 October 2015

  Now that Netflix and Amazon Video have made their debuts in Japan, you would have expected a lot of animated faces at the Japan Content 2015 but there was hardly any. Streaming service Bonobo also launched last month, further … Continue reading

YouTube May Be Safe Now But Netflix Is Menacingly Close 21 October 2015

  VOD service Netflix has been responsible for at least the quarter of online TV viewing today. Apart from YouTube, it has flattened literally every competitor it ever had.  We wrote earlier about how YouTube is future-proofing itself against Netflix but when … Continue reading

Latinos Still Lead The OTT Video Services Viewing Index 21 October 2015

  It’s been on every index and study and report that Latinos lead the way when it comes to digital entertainment. Be it Latinos or the millennials, the adoption of digital medium for entertainment is growing in America. Purchasing smartphones … Continue reading

Asia-Pacific Will Pip Western Europe As The Top Market For VOD Services In 2020 20 October 2015

  The new Future Market Insights report is out for VOD services. It reports that the global Video on Demand (VOD) market will reach US$ 263 billion by 2016, growing up from an US$ 207 billion in 2014. The ever-growing demand for on-demand … Continue reading

300,000 Subs Ditch Pay-TV In The Midst Of A Cord Cutting Revolution 20 October 2015

  Nothing’s worked for the Pay-TV industry in the recent times. Going by the new Bloomberg estimate, it seems to have gotten worse than ever. About 300,000 Americans have given up their TV service last quarter and the cord cutting sympathizers are … Continue reading

Hulu’s Plans Will Create Massive Ripples In The Industry 19 October 2015

  Recently, Hulu came up an ad-free subscription model a $11.99, $4 more added on top of its basic subscription. For an average customer, that’s like a 50% hike but would they care? NO. The ones who don’t like ads … Continue reading

What Didn’t Kill YouTube Only Made It Stronger 19 October 2015

  All thanks to the advent of the video streaming service Netflix, Americans are now streaming video almost four times compared to what they did in 2011. The rush of new Video on demand services with an ever growing library … Continue reading

Global Video Infra Market Has Good Numbers To Show In Q3 2015 19 October 2015

  Numbers for the global video infrastructure market are looking splendid in this quarter with a revenue posting of $3.1 Billion as per the Q2 reports prepared by ACG Research. However, the market share for STBs which includes IPTV STBs, Cable … Continue reading

NBC Wants To Cut Hulu & Netflix Some Competition With New Comedy Streaming Service 16 October 2015

  That was enough of waiting to bask in the sunshine after Hulu and Netflix took a break from their suntanning. NBC has no intention of running up for consolations and its new comedy only video streaming service is the first … Continue reading

VOD Advertising Is Having A Gala Time On Cable 16 October 2015

  According to Canoe, the advertising impressions for cable VOD programming have grown by 40% in the Q3 as compared to last year. 2.3 billion impressions were recorded running either as pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll this year. It’s a decent growth number … Continue reading