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Strategies To Improve Your OTT Streaming Quality 03 October 2023

In today’s hyper-connected world, where viewers hold the remote control to their entertainment, the quality of OTT streaming has become paramount. It’s no longer just about content; it’s about the quality of the experience.  For OTT streaming businesses, ensuring top-tier … Continue reading

DirecTV Now improves streaming quality 19 December 2017

DirecTV Now has built a beta app with a list of improvements that the streaming platform has undergone at the AT&T laboratory. Among one of the major improvements, is better streaming quality which includes a resolution of 1080p playing at … Continue reading

How High Frame Rate (HFR) is affecting video content 16 October 2017

Remember that spectacular chase sequence in that blockbuster action movie! A secret agent, sprinting after a 6-litre V12 Aston Martin that can rush to 60 mph in a mere 4.1 seconds manages to catch it. Sounds unreal, right! But cinematography … Continue reading

Viewer loyalty impacted by video streaming quality 22 June 2017

The quality of video resolution and playback affects viewer’s involvement with and loyalty to OTT video streaming services according to a new research from Akamai Technologies. These findings emphasize how important it is to offer consistent, high-quality video for any … Continue reading