Multiple Users & Groups

Assign, manage & modify user Roles and Groups

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User Management is an important aspect of any software tool. Users are entities that can be authenticated and are assigned a unique identity within the realm. To make it easier to administer users can be organized into named groups. 

Tattle allows you to add multiple users in multiple roles. Users can be assigned to separate tickets to prevent multiple agents, working on the same ticket at the same time. Tattle arms you with powerful features of assigning, grouping, regrouping to facilitate effective ticket resolution while sustaining agent productivity.

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  • Custom User Fields
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Groups and Departments
  • Assign Tattle to a user or group

Custom user fields

Custom User Fields


Easily create and add as many user fields you want to a Tattle. Tattle ensures that all your users get a comprehensive user profile as per their expertise and resolve issues quickly. 

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Roles and permissions

Roles and Permissions

Assign multiple roles to users or a particular role in a Tattle. Similarly, modify user access and permissions anytime you want to get that perfect workflow you had always dreamt of.

Groups and Departments

Groups and Departments


With Tattle admin control, you can create & add multiple users and groups. Tattle helps you manage channel membership effortlessly so that stakeholders can address the customer queries collaboratively and effectively. From creating, editing, and removing a user to powerful features such as mandatory login, password management, activity tracking, etc., you always have control over everything on Tattle.

export and import language strings in Muvi
export and import language strings in Muvi

Assign Tattle to a user or group

Assign Tattle to a User or Group


Assign Jack to a Tattle. But never mind adding Jill to speed up later. And where you want collaborative effort, just tag a group instead of tagging multiple people one by one.