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UK Data Compliances
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Collect payments in Pound Sterling

Collect payments in various currencies worldwide for your video streaming services in uk including pound sterling with UK-specific payment gateway integrations.

Paypal Pro
Integrate Third-party Gateways
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Local Storage & CDN

Localize your data within the UK and deliver content from the nearest CDN location with Muvi’s built-in support for Amazon AWS and CloudFront CDN, also get the flexibility to use your own or 3rd party CDN  - Akamai, EdgeNext, Tencent Cloud, and many more.

Built-in Amazon AWS CDN
Intergrate any CDN with Muvi
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  • UK Data Compliances
  • PayPal Pro, Stripe, Razorpay Integration
  • Multi-Currency
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Launch On-Demand/ OTT Platform

Video streaming services in the UK are skyrocketing, with platforms like BritBox, Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney leading the charge. With Muvi One, you can create your own video streaming service in the UK, offering your audience a similar, if not more personalized, streaming experience.

With a subscription (SVOD), PPV, and AVOD monetization options, built-in DRM, an audio/video customizable player, and support for 16 native applications on mobile and TV, Muvi One offers an all-in-one platform to launch and manage an OTT platform in the UK.

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Live Stream Events & Conduct Meetings

Launch live streaming services in the UK with Muvi Live. With features like DVR-enabled live streams, online video players, and encoding and transcoding, managing live streaming platforms in the UK is a breeze.

Muvi Live's PAYG (Pay As You Go) pricing model offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for live streaming.  You only pay for the resources you use, such as bandwidth and streaming hours.

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Cloud-based Linear TV and FAST Channels

Launch the best broadcasting services in the UK with Muvi Playout. It simplifies content scheduling and delivery, ensuring a broadcast-quality streaming experience.

With features like a drag-and-drop scheduler, multi-format output, automated encoding & transcoding, and multi-DRM security, Muvi Playout stands out as a robust platform to launch the best broadcasting service in UK.

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