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Pay Per View (PPV)

Pay-Per-View (PPV) is a system where a viewer is required to pay a certain fee for viewing special programs such as Live Events or Sports. The program is telecasted at the same time to everyone subscribing to PPV Service. Examples for Pay-Per-View (PPV): WWE- World Wrestling Federation, UFC

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Pay TV

Pay TV is a television broadcasting system, where users need to pay to watch a specific channel or program. Usually, Pay TV includes pay-per-view premium content such as newly released movies or sporting events, which may be delivered at a scheduled time or on-demand.  However, it is different than Pay Per View. Alternatively, it is …

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A paywall is a system of limiting access to content through a paid subscription. Sports web sites and online news are the most common users of paywalls. There are three high-level models of paywall: Hard Paywall, Soft Paywall, and combination of both. Mainly, the content restrictions of a hard paywall are much stricter compared to …

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The word “Pixel” means a picture element. This is the smallest element of an image. Pixels are generally square or round. Typically, they are arranged in a two-dimensional grid to create an image. Each pixel can be turned on (illuminated) or off (darkened) on a screen (Computer Monitor, Television Screen, Mobile Screen). Resolution of an …

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The term “Podcast” is originated from POD and Cast. POD means Portable on Demand, and Cast relating to the term broadcast. It is an episodic series of digital video or audio files which a user can download and view/listen to. An audio podcast can be directly played from the website or downloaded as an MP3 …

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