Offer 1:1 video calls. Stream live to millions.

Real-Time Video Meetings & Live Broadcast

Go beyond basic video calls with intricately customizable and infinitely extensible video experiences. Useful for classrooms, fitness apps & community platforms.

Transform Your Meetings

Enable interactive meetings with up to 600 participants, stream live to unlimited viewers and record for later use.

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Effortless Large-Scale Hosting

Easily host up to 600 participants in a single two-way interactive meeting without any hassle.

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Global Live Streaming

Broadcast live meetings to an unlimited number of viewers worldwide. Deliver a seamless, lag-free experience for every user.

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Seamless Meeting Recording

Record your live meetings and convert them into on-demand content for your users or for personal reference.

Advance Live Chat

Enhance your meeting live streams with advanced live chat, enabling real-time audience engagement. Easy 1-click login via Google, Facebook, or guest access, maintain event integrity with robust chat moderation. Download chat transcripts in PDF or Excel for insights, and pin important messages for better interaction.

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Live Stream Meetings

Broadcast live meetings to an unlimited number of viewers worldwide. Muvi Live ensures a seamless, lag-free experience for every user, while Muvi's online video player provides a smooth and user-friendly experience for your viewers.

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Start 1-1 or 1-many Meetings
& Go Live Instantly

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Screenshare Seamlessly

Broadcast and interact with your viewers while sharing your screen during meetings, webinars, live game sessions, or workshops with just one click. Screen sharing ensures all participants stay engaged and informed throughout the session. Additionally, with high-definition video quality and low latency, your interactions will be clear and impactful.

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Device Versatility

Muvi's video meeting software allows you to attend or host interactive live events from your desktop, tablet, or mobile browser. Experience seamless connectivity and real-time collaboration with ease. Whether you're on the go or at your desk, Muvi ensures your meetings are productive and engaging.

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Record Meetings

Record your live meetings and convert them into on-demand content for your users or for personal reference. With Muvi Live's white-labeled meeting software, you can record both 1:1 and group video meetings. Store the recorded sessions in the asset library as on-demand content that can be easily embedded on your websites and apps and even monetized. 

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Create a Secure & Reliable space for your Meetings & Webinars

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Password Protection for Meetings

Enable password protection to secure your meetings by blocking uninvited individuals from entering. Ensure only authorized participants can join, maintaining the integrity and privacy of your sessions. With Muvi Live, you can have peace of mind knowing your meetings are safe and controlled.

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Muvi Live Meeting API

Leverage Muvi Live's Meeting API to integrate advanced meeting capabilities directly into your app. This API allows you to create and manage meetings from within your application, offering a seamless experience for users to connect and engage in real-time discussions without leaving your app's ecosystem.

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Webhook For Live Meetings

Create webhook triggers for virtual meeting events such as start, stop, creation, update, and deletions. Get the flexibility to customize meeting details, invite participants, and ensure all necessary resources are prepared for a successful meeting.

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No Upfront Cost, Pay As You Go

A secure and reliable video conferencing platform without any upfront costs. You are only charged based on your usage with a Pay As You Go pricing (there is no fixed monthly fee!).

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Conduct Online Meetings & Go Live Securely Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Private Live Meeting App is a secure app/platform designed for hosting real-time virtual live meetings, ensuring live meeting app participants can interact privately and securely without external interference.

The advantage of using white labeled live meeting software lies in its customization capabilities, allowing businesses to brand the platform with their logo, colors, and design, thereby enhancing your live meeting software's professional appearance and reinforcing brand identity.

Also, you do not have to build a live meeting software by allocating technical resources and time, you just have to make customizations according to your brand and you are ready to go. 

Muvi Live Meeting App is uses highest standers for security, employing robust encryption protocols and advanced authentication mechanisms such as GDRP, ISO, VPAT® Version 2.4, HECVAT, PCI and more to safeguard user data and ensure a secure experience, mitigating risks and ensuring confidentiality.

Absolutely, the Muvi Live Meeting Software provides a convenient recording feature, enabling users to capture important discussions and presentations effortlessly. With the Live Meeting Software recording functionality, you can revisit meetings later for reference or share them with absent attendees, enhancing collaboration and knowledge retention.


Yes, the Muvi Live Meeting App is highly suitable for large-scale virtual events. You can host 600 attendees. Its robust infrastructure and scalable architecture ensure smooth performance even with a high volume of participants. With the Live Meeting App, you can host large gatherings, conferences, webinars, and more with ease.

Absolutely, our private video meeting software prioritizes security to ensure that confidential discussions remain protected. With robust encryption and advanced security measures, our private video meeting software allows you to set passwords to enter a video meeting.