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Let Muvi Manage Your CMS for You

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Muvi’s CMS Management Services make it easy to build and manage your streaming platform while you focus on growing your revenue. From facilitating quick setup to managing your CMS, Muvi helps you scale your streaming service effortlessly. Our team of skilled developers & engineers deliver high-quality, customized CMS management services. We ensure all requirements associated with CMS are met on time, while you work on your core business strategy.


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  • CMS Set Up
  • CMS Maintenance
  • CMS Management Training



Let us upload your video and audio files.

Metadata Management

Error-free metadata uploading & management.

Subtitle Setup

Give us the formats and files. We'll do the rest.

Content Categorization

Arrange your content as you like. You instruct, we do.



We ensure your brand & logo flashes everywhere it is required without a miss.

User Management

Name who you want to add as a user with what permission and how many more.


Expert assistance in onboarding & configuring the platform for faster time to market.

Add Support Tickets

Raise a ticket with us easily and resolve faster.

CMS Set Up

CMS Set Up


Our team of experienced developers and engineers work closely with our customers and deliver a feature-rich streaming platform as per their unique requirements. Our team builds and integrates all your required features and sets up your Video/Audio streaming CMS just the way you want. We plan and implement personalized audio/video CMS as per your brand requirements. With our CMS Set Up service, you gain a competitive advantage by reducing time to market along with  lowering risks and costs.

CMS Setup for Streaming Services

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CMS Maintenance for OTT Platform

CMS Maintenance

CMS Maintenance


Muvi provides CMS Maintenance services for your streaming platform that keep your website/app updated and user-interface smooth. Muvi’s team provides a host of services such as content uploads, content categorization, metadata management, subtitle set up, user management, etc. Muvi manages your CMS for you. Our reliable CMS Maintenance service team runs regular scans for security threats & Malware. We assist you with ongoing maintenance, technical support, manage users and workflows, review updated website roadmap, monitor website downtime, and more. 

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CMS Management Training

CMS Management Training


Muvi’s CMS Management Training is a core part of our offerings to our customers. The aim of our highly professional training team is to proactively coordinate with customers and provide Muvi CMS Training resources in all types and formats. Muvi provides a complete range of training to help you plan and execute your content strategy on the Muvi CMS.

CMS Management Training for Streaming Platform

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