Growth Starts with Muvi

Find the partner type that’s right for you

IT Services

You’ve got great clients, and we’ve got the most powerful video streaming platform available. Become a Muvi IT service partner and we’ll support you with everything you need to deliver winning client pitches and close new deals while co-selling Muvi platform. As a designated vendor, Muvi will take care of end-to-end operations of developing, deploying, and maintaining the streaming service so that your projects can go live in a click. What’s more? You can bill your client at your terms without Muvi’s interference.

Sales Partners

Sign up as a Muvi sales partner, and start referring Muvi platform and its capabilities to your clients looking for launch audio/video streaming services. Our award-winning platform gives you an unfair advantage to provide exceptional client service and transform their business with the world’s fastest deployable OTT platform.

Technology Partners

As Muvi technology partner, you can develop and build innovative components that complement the Muvi platform. Leverage our diverse and rapidly growing customer base to sell your proprietary technology on their stores. Muvi will provide master-level platform integration trainings to help you learn the Muvi technology and build or integrate your technology services.

Content Partners

Team up with us as Muvi content partner to boost your market reach and drive revenue from the digital copies of the titles you own. Host these titles on Muvi marketplace where customers can view your quote on different titles and can get in touch with you to purchase those copies. Also, you can sign exclusive deals with buyers and run your business parallelly with Muvi. Generating new channels to grow sales and gain exposure has never been this easy!

Business Services

Business Services partner type is for those who want to offer business services like backend support, helpline, CMS maintenance, or offer marketing, sales and SEO services to Muvi customers.

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