Voice & Script International

Voice & Script International

Subtitle and Translation Services
> 100 employees
London, London, United Kingdom
Video Subtitling Services
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Human-generated Translation

About VSI: VSI provides language localization services including lip-sync dubbing, voice-over, subtitling, translation, transcreation and more, in over 80 languages worldwide. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in London, VSI owns and operates 24 studio facilities across Europe, the U.S, the Middle East and Latin America, with trusted partnerships in Asia. VSI works across a wide range of sectors, from corporate and creative agencies, to the broadcast, VOD, theatrical and gaming industries. Find out more at vsi.tv.


https://www.vsi.tv/case-studies Clients include Netflix, Amazon, BBC, HBO, Turner, Viacom, AMC, Mattel, Sony Pictures, National Geographcs, Sesame Workshop, and more

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