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Redfine your Audio Streaming Platform with Muvi Audio Player

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Configure Muvi’s Online Audio Player to your streaming platform and wow your audience with a compelling music streaming experience. Muvi’s Audio Player includes advanced features like multi-bitrate transcoding, responsive design, cross-browser and cross-device compatibility to deliver hassle-free music streaming. And it comes with an embed option to showcase your content on the external website as well!

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  • Multi-birate Transcoding
  • Embed Player
  • Audio Encoding

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Multi-bitrate Transcoding


Muvi’s Audio Player is powered by multi-bitrate transcoding. It synchronizes as per your user’s network bandwidth resulting in seamless streaming experience. No buffering. No interruptions.


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Embed Player


Want to embed your audio content with a third-party website or mobile/TV app to increase your revenue? You can do that! Muvi’s Audio Player incorporates an embed code option which enables you to share the code with your partner platform. The Audio Player empowers you as an owner by giving you the rights to restrict your partners from embedding content without your permission as well as restrict your content to specific websites.

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Audio Encoding

Upload your audio content in any format you want including wav, acc , aiff, m4a, m4b, m4p, dvf, raw, wma, webm, flac, Ogg Vorbis etc. and Voila! Muvi’s smart audio encoder will encode it to .MP3 format which is supported by most of the devices, mobile apps, and browsers. Say goodbye to conversion softwares!

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We provide audiovisual content, music, and merchandise on one platform. All thanks to the software which is robust and offers many possibilities. The Support team is always at our disposal and ensure faster service.

Alain D,CEO Cmax Media Group LLC

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