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10 Best Microphones For Live Streaming in 2024

Ankit Jena Published on : 12 March 2024
Best microphones for live streaming


Audio quality stands as a cornerstone for engaging and immersive content. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or a newbie, selecting the best microphone for live streaming can significantly elevate your production value and audience experience.

In this blog, we will explore the top 10 microphones for live streaming. From compact and portable options ideal for on-the-go streaming to professional-grade microphones designed to deliver studio-quality sound, our list encompasses a diverse range of choices tailored to meet your specific streaming needs.


The Need of a Quality Microphone for Live Broadcasting

A good microphone ensures that the audio captured is clear and free from distortion, background noise, or interference. This clarity is crucial for delivering a professional and enjoyable experience to the audience. Clear audio enhances the audience’s ability to understand and engage with the content being broadcasted. Whether it’s a news report, sports commentary, live event coverage, or a podcast, audience retention relies heavily on the quality of the audio.


Tips to Find the Best Live Streaming Microphone

Using a quality microphone during live broadcasts can reduce the need for extensive post-production audio editing. This saves time and resources while ensuring that the broadcast content is of high quality from the outset.

When searching for the best live streaming microphone, there are several factors to consider to ensure optimal sound quality and performance. Here’s a breakdown of key considerations:


Frequency Response: 

Frequency response refers to the range of frequencies a microphone can accurately capture. Look for microphones with a wide frequency response range to capture both low and high frequencies for clear, detailed sound reproduction.


Condenser vs. Dynamic Microphones:

  • Condenser Microphones: These mics are known for their sensitivity and ability to capture subtle details in sound. They are ideal for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments due to their wide frequency response and transient response. Condenser mics require phantom power to operate.

  • Dynamic Microphones: Dynamic mics are more rugged and versatile. They are less sensitive than condenser mics and can handle high sound pressure levels without distortion. Dynamic mics are suitable for live performances and environments with high noise levels.


Polar Pattern:

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern: Cardioid mics are most commonly used for live streaming as they pick up sound primarily from the front while rejecting noise from the sides and rear. This helps to isolate the sound source and minimize background noise.

  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional mics capture sound equally from all directions. They are useful in situations where you want to pick up sound from multiple sources or capture ambient noise.

  • Bidirectional Polar Pattern: Bidirectional mics capture sound from the front and rear while rejecting noise from the sides. They are suitable for interviews and recording situations where you want to capture sound from two sources.


Connection Method: 

Consider whether the microphone connects via USB or XLR. USB microphones are plug-and-play and convenient for direct connection to computers. XLR microphones offer higher audio quality and compatibility with professional audio equipment but require an audio interface or mixer. 


Pop Filter: 

A pop filter is a mesh or foam shield placed in front of the microphone to reduce plosive sounds (e.g., “p” and “b” sounds) and minimize air blasts that can cause distortion. Some microphones come with built-in pop filters, while others may require an external pop filter attachment.


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Top 10 Microphones for Live Streaming


Blue Yeti USB

The Blue Yeti USB microphone stands out as one of the best choices for live streaming due to its exceptional audio quality, versatility, and user-friendly design. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or just starting, the Blue Yeti has gained a reputation for delivering professional-grade sound with ease.

The Blue Yeti is equipped with a tri-capsule array that allows it to capture audio in various patterns – cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo. This versatility enables the microphone to adapt to different recording situations, providing clear and crisp sound for your live streams.

key features

  • High-Quality Sound
  • Plug-and-Play Setup
  • Adjustable Gain Control
  • Zero-Latency Monitoring


  • Sturdy Build and Design
  • Affordability
  • Compatibility


  • Sensitivity to background noise
  • Large size can be cumbersome for some setups
  • Lack of advanced audio processing features
  • Requires careful positioning to avoid picking up unwanted sounds


Blue Yeti X

The Blue Yeti X stands out as one of the premier choices for live streaming microphones, offering exceptional audio quality, versatility, and user-friendly features tailored for content creators, streamers, and podcasters alike. With its blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the Blue Yeti X has become a staple in the world of online content creation.

The Blue Yeti X boasts professional-grade sound quality, capturing crystal-clear audio with remarkable detail and depth. Its premium condenser capsules and high-quality analog-to-digital converters ensure that every word spoken or sound produced is captured accurately and with fidelity.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • Versatility
  • Customizable LED Metering
  • Smart Design and Build
  • Seamless Integration with Software


  • Affordability
  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Seamless integration with software


  • Large size may be cumbersome for some setups
  • Requires some adjustment for optimal sound settings
  • Sensitive to background noise in certain environments


Elgato Wave:3 

Elgato Wave:3 stands out as one of the best microphones for live streaming due to its exceptional audio quality, user-friendly design, and versatile features tailored specifically for content creators, streamers, and podcasters. With its sleek appearance and professional-grade performance, the Elgato Wave:3 has earned a reputation as a top choice in the streaming community.

Key Features

  • Studio-grade Condenser Capsule
  • Clipguard Technology
  • Built-in Pop Filter and Shock Mount


  • Seamless Integration with Elgato Software
  • Intuitive Control Dial
  • Multi-function LED Indicator


  • Requires additional software for advanced audio customization
  • Limited to cardioid polar pattern, may not suit all recording scenarios
  • Some users may prefer a physical mute button instead of software-based mute controls
  • Requires a stable internet connection for firmware updates and software integration


HyperX QuadCast S

The HyperX QuadCast S stands out as one of the premier choices for live streaming microphones, offering a blend of superior audio quality, versatility, and aesthetic appeal that caters to the demands of modern content creators. The QuadCast S delivers exceptional audio quality, capturing every nuance of the streamer’s voice with clarity and precision. Its condenser capsule ensures rich, full-bodied sound reproduction, allowing streamers to engage their audience with immersive audio experiences.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Audio Quality
  • Versatility
  • Built-in Shock Mount and Pop Filter
  • RGB Lighting


  • Plug-and-Play Convenience
  • Durability and Build Quality


  • Larger footprint may take up more space on the desk
  • RGB lighting might not be preferred by some users
  • USB connection limits compatibility with certain audio interfaces
  • Some users report occasional software compatibility issues


Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B stands as an iconic microphone renowned for its versatility, durability, and exceptional sound quality, making it a top choice for live streaming professionals and enthusiasts alike. With its remarkable performance across various applications, the SM7B has earned its reputation as one of the best microphones for live streaming.

The SM7B is engineered to capture clear and natural sound with exceptional detail. Its dynamic cartridge delivers a smooth, flat, and wide-range frequency response suitable for capturing both vocals and instruments accurately. Whether you’re streaming music performances, podcasting, or engaging in live conversations, the SM7B ensures your audio is crisp, rich, and professional-grade.

Key Features

  • Superb Sound Quality
  • Versatility
  • Durability and Build Quality
  • Iconic Design


  • Compatibility and Accessibility
  • Industry Recognition


  • Requires a high-quality preamp or audio interface
  • Heavyweight design may require sturdy microphone stands
  • May pick up plosives without a proper pop filter


Shure MV7

The Shure MV7 stands out as one of the premier microphones for live streaming, offering exceptional audio quality, versatility, and ease of use. Here’s why it’s often considered the best microphone choice for live streaming: The Shure MV7 boasts professional-grade audio quality, capturing clear and crisp sound. Its dynamic microphone capsule delivers rich, warm tones while minimizing background noise, ensuring that your voice comes through with clarity and depth. 

The MV7 offers both USB and XLR connectivity, providing flexibility for various setups. You can connect directly to your computer via USB for simple plug-and-play operation, making it ideal for live streaming setups that involve minimal equipment. Alternatively, the XLR connection allows for integration with more advanced audio interfaces or mixers, catering to professional streaming environments.

Key Features

  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Dual Connectivity Options
  • Versatility and Control
  • Built-in Monitoring


  • Durable and Sleek Design
  • Compatibility and Integration
  • Affordability


  • Requires additional investment for accessories like XLR cables and audio interfaces for XLR connection
  • Some users may find the ShurePlus™ MOTIV app interface cumbersome
  • Limited color options compared to other microphone models


Audio-Technica AT2020

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is indeed a fantastic microphone choice for live streaming, offering a blend of quality, affordability, and reliability that makes it a favorite among content creators, streamers, and podcasters alike.  The AT2020 boasts a renowned reputation for its excellent audio quality. Its cardioid polar pattern effectively captures sound from the front while minimizing background noise, ensuring clear and crisp audio for your live streams. The microphone captures vocals with remarkable clarity and fidelity, making your voice sound natural and professional.

Key Features

  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Versatility
  • Durable Build
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience


  • Affordability
  • Brand Reputation


  • Non-detachable cable
  • Requires phantom power
  • Limited frequency response compared to higher-end models
  • Sensitive to handling noise


Razer Seiren V2 Pro

The Razer Seiren V2 Pro stands out as one of the best microphones for live streaming, offering exceptional audio quality and a range of features tailored specifically for content creators, gamers, and broadcasters. The Seiren V2 Pro features a high-quality condenser capsule that captures crystal-clear audio with exceptional detail and clarity, ensuring that your voice comes through with precision and accuracy.

Key Features

  • Superior Audio Quality:
  • Versatility and Convenience
  • Sleek and Durable Design
  • Seamless Integration


  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility
  • Compatible with Popular Streaming Software
  • Sturdy Base and Adjustable Stand


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors
  • Requires additional accessories for optimal mounting options
  • May pick up background noise in certain environments
  • Limited color options compared to other microphone models


Rode PodMic

The Rode PodMic stands out as one of the premier choices for live streaming microphones, offering exceptional audio quality, durability, and versatility tailored specifically for broadcasting, podcasting, and live streaming applications.

The Rode PodMic is engineered to deliver professional-grade sound reproduction. It features a dynamic cardioid capsule optimized for speech and vocals, capturing clear and crisp audio while effectively rejecting off-axis noise and ambient sounds. This ensures that your voice comes through with clarity and presence, enhancing the overall quality of your live streams.

Key Features

  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Robust Construction
  • Integrated Shock Mount
  • Optimized for Speech


  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Affordable Price Point


  • Requires an audio interface
  • Heavyweight compared to some alternatives
  • Limited frequency response compared to condenser mics
  • Not ideal for recording instruments or ambient sounds
  • May pick up background noise in untreated environments


Samson Go

Samson Go, renowned as one of the best microphones for live streaming, stands out for its compact design, exceptional audio quality, and user-friendly features. Designed with content creators, streamers, and podcasters in mind, the Samson Go microphone offers a seamless streaming experience with professional-grade sound reproduction.

Samson Go’s compact and lightweight design makes it incredibly portable. It easily fits into a pocket or laptop bag, making it ideal for on-the-go streaming sessions or travel. Whether you’re streaming from home, a coffee shop, or a hotel room, Samson Go ensures that you have professional-grade audio wherever you go.

Key features

  • Portability
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience
  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • Versatility


  • Affordability
  • Durable Build


  • Susceptible to handling noise
  • Build quality concerns
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Limited connectivity options


Icing the Cake – Choosing A Robust Live Streaming Platform 

With the best microphone, it is also essential to opt for a robust live streaming platform for broadcasting high-quality live streams. Choosing a live streaming platform is a crucial decision for anyone looking to engage in live broadcasting, whether for personal or business purposes. The quality of service provided by the platform can greatly impact the viewing experience. Factors such as uptime, stream stability, video resolution, and latency can all affect how viewers perceive your content. Opting for a reliable platform ensures that your broadcasts are delivered smoothly without interruptions or technical glitches.

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Best microphones for live streaming


High-quality audio enhances the overall viewing experience for audiences. Viewers are more likely to stay engaged and enjoy the content if the audio is clear, crisp, and free from distortions or background noise. In live streaming scenarios where communication is involved, such as interviews, webinars, or live events, clear audio is essential for effective communication between participants and the audience. Poor audio quality can lead to misunderstandings and frustration among viewers.

Yes, the quality of your microphone does matter for streaming. A high-quality microphone can significantly enhance the audio experience for your viewers and contribute to the overall professionalism of your stream. A good microphone captures your voice clearly without picking up unnecessary background noise or distortion. Clear audio makes it easier for your viewers to understand you and enjoy your content.

  • Frequency Response
  • Condenser vs. Dynamic Microphones
  • Polar Pattern
  • Connection Method
  • Pop Filter

The type of microphone you need for live streaming depends on several factors including your budget, the quality of audio you want to achieve, and the environment in which you’ll be streaming.

XLR Microphones: XLR microphones offer higher audio quality compared to USB microphones, making them a preferred choice for professional live streamers, podcasters, and broadcasters. However, they require an audio interface or mixer with XLR inputs to connect to your computer.


USB Microphones: These are popular among live streamers because they are easy to set up. USB microphones plug directly into your computer’s USB port, eliminating the need for additional audio interfaces or mixers. They come in various quality levels and price ranges, from budget-friendly options to professional-grade microphones.

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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