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Best Short Video Platforms in 2024 – Global

Shivashish Published on : 05 December 2023
Short Video Platform

Some people call them reels, some refer to them as TikToks, and for some, they’re entertaining YouTube Shorts. The synonyms can go on with each new application but the crux remains that short videos are the new trend and have potential beyond entertainment due to their massive outreach and innovative messaging. Starting out as mini videos, the market which was once ruled by TikTok has now changed into an open market with several social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, etc starting to support the content format. Short video platforms are becoming increasingly popular amongst all age groups.


Here are some short video statistics that you must know.

  1. 33% of marketers prefer to spend money on Short-form videos.
  2. Within selected social media platforms that offer short-form videos, Instagram was the one on which users spent the most time per session. There was an estimate of 53 minutes per session on Instagram and 45 minutes per session on TikTok. 

What Are Short Videos & Short Video Platforms?

Short videos are brief videos with lengths ranging from 15 seconds to 90 seconds. Immensely popular among all age groups, short videos have dedicated platforms where users can watch the content. Now how is it different from the usual videos? Well firstly, normal videos come as a listicle, for eg, YouTube videos where you can search for the video and watch it. On the other hand,  short videos run on specific platforms with swipe-up action, which means there are no search consoles. You simply swipe up and a new video will appear. 

Hashtags and the category specified play an important role in determining what content is pushed to the user as recommendations.  The Internet today is filled with hundreds of such short video platforms that allow users to create content and share it with the other users of the platform. Any creator can easily produce high- quality shorts in a few clicks with the help of a free no watermark video editor. Short video platforms are like the new social media for the generation. Short video platforms provide a space for users to showcase their creativity, talent, and content in a concise format

Applications of Short Videos

If you’re thinking that short videos are simply for entertainment then you’re wrong. Short videos in recent years have gained immense popularity motivating marketeers to use such short video platforms to upscale their targeted advertising campaigns. Here are a few applications of short videos.

Social Media Marketing

Short videos have become an integral part of social media marketing and platforms such as Instagram reels have emerged as powerful tools to connect with the target audience. Brands use short videos to deliver concise and visually appealing messages to their audiences using short video advertising as well as content creation. Several brands now make their own short videos that cover aspects of their product and it is proving to generate engagement like never before. 


Entertainment was the initial aim for short videos and it remains a consistent part of the short video industry. Short videos provide humor, dance, poetry, etc in a very concise manner with the possibility of watching new content every 30 seconds and this makes short videos go viral and achieve massive following. This entertainment tool has also given new revenue streams to existing content creators who are monetizing their short videos.

Quick Educational Content

Whether it’s a tutorial, a language lesson, or a quick how-to guide, platforms supporting short videos offer an accessible and engaging format for learning. Educators and brands use these videos to break down complex topics into easily digestible segments, catering to the fast-paced nature of modern learning.

News/ Updates

In this fast-paced world, short videos offer an easy way to deliver timely updates to the viewers. News outlets as well as independent journalists use short videos to deliver information instantly to the audiences.

Product Demonstrations 

For businesses, showcasing products and services through traditional means might not always capture the audience’s attention. Short videos, on the other hand, offer a dynamic platform for product demonstrations. Marketers can highlight key features, demonstrate usage, and create a buzz around new launches, all within a short and engaging video format.

Event Promotions

Short videos excel in generating excitement and anticipation for upcoming events. Whether it’s a concert, product launch, or community gathering, event organizers leverage short videos to create visually appealing teasers and promotional content. The brevity of these videos ensures that potential attendees quickly grasp the event’s essence.


Top 8 Short Video Platforms

Short video platforms are many and newer ones are added each day. Wondering what platforms you should target for your short videos or simply to get access to fresh content? Here are the 8 best short video platforms that you must use to create and access 

Muvi Minis

If you’re looking for a short video platform that can host and promote short videos, get Muvi Minis today and deliver a state-of-the-art content-sharing platform equipped with all the major features required. Built to provide a platform for user-generated content, Muvi Minis is your one-stop solution for starting your short video social media network. 



  • Edge-to-edge portrait player
  • Backed by Muvi One 
  • Upload from Phone 
  • Content Management & Moderation
  • Scalable & Secured Infrastructure
  • Seamless Content Creation
  • Create Quizzes & Comments

Get a free trial today.


A short-form video hosting service owned by ByteDance, TikTok surpassed 2 billion mobile downloads in 2020. One of the first to introduce short videos to the world, the technological giant enabled merchandise sale links to its content enhancing the revenue to creators globally. The star-studded platform has collaborated with big brands and artists such as NFL in the United States.


Facebook, a pioneer in social media, integrates short video sharing seamlessly into its platform. With the introduction of Facebook Reels, users can create and discover short, entertaining videos directly within the app. Moreover, Facebook leverages its vast user base to provide extensive reach, making it easy for creators to connect with diverse audiences through their engaging short video content.


Instagram reels have been the new revolution in the short video ecosystem. Offering features such as adding music to videos to augmented reality, Instagram reels today have a very strong social media presence across creators as well as consumers. Since Instagram is a user-centric platform, it has also promoted and motivated its users to create and share short video content that can be displayed across their social media profiles.


Vimeo offers incredible video hosting services for your short video.  Equipped with a video maker and editor tools, Vimeo provides an interactive video experience to customers and its advanced privacy settings allow creators to control the visibility of their content. Furthermore, Vimeo’s video management tools empower users with detailed analytics, making it an excellent choice for creators focused on tracking the performance of their short video creations.


A multi-functional platform, WeChat boasts a 1 billion user base globally and combines the power of messaging and video playback to offer video-sharing capabilities to users within their networks. WeChat’s integrated approach to communication and content sharing sets it apart, creating a dynamic environment for short video consumption and creation.


Chingari meaning spark in Hindi is an India based short video application to share content and showcase creativity. It claims to be the only platform that offers revenue sharing with creators. Established in 2020, the short video cum social commerce built on blockchain aims to be the next leader in the short video market.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts leverages the massive reach of the YouTube platform for short video sharing. Its standout feature is the ability to seamlessly transition from short videos to longer-form content, providing creators with a versatile space for varied content types. Additionally, YouTube Shorts integrates a robust music library, allowing users to enhance their short videos with a wide array of soundtracks, fostering creativity and engagement.


Build Your Short Video Platforms Using Muvi Minis

Thinking about hosting your own short video platform like TikTok?

Look no further as Muvi One, the world’s leading no-code OTT video streaming platform provider is built to help you start your short video business. Muvi Minis, leveraging the power of the short video market, gives you complete control over your short video venture. Backed by Muvi One, it comes preloaded with features such as:

Content Privacy & Protection

Dedicated DRM-enabled content protection to all videos so that piracy is minimized and users get a safe platform to upload and share their intellectual property.

Content Moderation

Enable video moderation for all the Minis your end-users are uploading, thus allowing all videos to have admin approval before they go live. You can check whether the videos are appropriate and reflect your platform and ensure that guidelines are not broken.

Recommendation Engine

Muvi Minis offers a smart recommendation engine that suggests personalized content to viewers. This feature keeps your audience engaged by offering relevant videos based on their viewing history and preferences, ensuring they never miss out on the content they love.

Comments & Quizzes Section

Muvi Minis comes with a dedicated comments section for creators to interact with their audiences as well as the ability to add questions that can be automatically prompted before, during, or after the video to the users. 

Advanced User-Generated Content Portal

Users of your platform can simply upload content on their side of the portal and as an admin, your team can decide to push it to the users via the backend CRM. The seamless content management at the back end ensures a great viewing experience for the customers.

The list of features is endless and you can experience Muvi Mini for free for 14 days. Get a free trial of Muvi One, activate the Muvi Minis plugin, and start creating your own short video platform instantly.


Beyond entertainment, short videos find their applications in sharing news/ updates, doing event promotions, making quick educational content, and creating short product demonstration videos. Owing to its vast usage, you can also create your own use case.

Unlike traditional videos, short videos as the name suggests come with a limit usually less than 60 seconds. This makes creating content different as the entire set has to be within this time frame for better reach among short video consumers.

Powered by Muvi One, Minis can help you build your own short video platform where users can upload and interact with each other’s content.

Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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