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What is a Digital Evidence Management System for Law Enforcement? 23 June 2022

Digital Evidence Management System for Law Enforcement



The primary task of law enforcement is to serve and protect mankind. Law enforcement controls a large volume of evidence, segregates files department-wise, protects evidence integrity, prepares legal transcripts and analyzes sensitive data. However, it sometimes becomes difficult with different teams to handle so many tasks at a time. A digital evidence management system can help centralize the entire process from a single CMS. It allows the team to upload, store and share the files effortlessly and manage the resources efficiently while protecting the evidence from threats.


What is a Digital Evidence Management System for law enforcement?

A digital evidence management system for law enforcement is the virtual repository of all the digital evidence that store, manage, analyze and share ever-growing digital evidence collected from different sources such as bodycams, CCTVs, Mobile Phone Cameras, etc. It stores data in the cloud and allows easy sharing of evidence between the stakeholders. It helps easy and efficient storage and sharing of files and allows quicker solving of the cases.


Digital Evidence Management System for Law Enforcement


Features to look for in a Digital Evidence Management System for law enforcement


Digital Asset Management

A Digital Evidence management system must include the feature of digital asset management. This feature could help you add tags while uploading the files in CMS. As a result, you could easily identify while searching through the pool of evidence to find out the correct file on time. Hence, you can focus more on vital tasks such as field operations and less time on desk work.


Huge Storage Capacity

Law enforcement is a huge department and thus it requires huge storage to store the entire files to date. So, it is vital for an evidence management system to have a large storage capacity allowing stakeholders to add unlimited files in the CMS with its custom storage option. It also provides the opportunity of selecting the plan based on your needs at any time.


Collaborative workflows

A sound digital evidence management system must allow unlimited simultaneous users to the CMS at the same time. This amazing feature enables officers, investigators, and other stakeholders from separate teams and departments to access the CMS at the same time without any lag or trouble. It helps boost team collaboration and streamline workflow.


Auto-optimization of file quality

Digital evidence management software allows auto-optimization of file quality. It encodes and transcodes the files into multiple formats and resolutions, irrespective of the video sources such as bodycams, CCTVs, etc. Once you upload the file, it automatically gets converted into multiple resolutions from 144p to 4k. With several renditions in different resolutions, you can view the files in high quality irrespective of the internet connectivity and devices you are currently using.


Protection of evidence integrity

The enterprise-grade security features in the evidence management software protect the integrity of the evidence. Security features encompass firewalls, SSL encryption, and DRM to avert unauthorized access and screen recording of the content. It also confines access to the files based on location with a geo-blocking feature. With Muvi Flex, you can streamline the process of managing digital evidence and centralize the entire process of law enforcement from a single CMS. Get a free trial to acknowledge how it can help you protect digital evidence, enhance team collaboration, and streamline the processes of law enforcement.


Digital Evidence Management System for Law Enforcement

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