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eSports: The Ultimate Future of Online Gaming

Rakesh Ranjan Published on : 17 April 2019
eSports OTT Streaming

Remember the last time we talked about eSports, the time-travel was good, isn’t it!

And while being on the journey, we promised to let you know the Why and Howto start your own game streaming channel.

Well, better late than never. As promised, we came back with this new article where you will be versed with:

  • Why launch an eSports Channel?
  • How to launch it?

[Read about the Chronicle of eSports here.]

Without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the point.


Reasons behind Starting Up your own eSports Channel

Before realizing how constructive it is to step into the OTT market with your own eSports channel, you must understand the valid reasons that are influencing the online game-streaming industry.

Just check out these below-mentioned facts and ease your decision making.


1. eSports Industry has a Growing Number of Admirers.

The fan base of the eSports industry is growing bigger and bigger every day. Here are some supportive statistics for the statement, which you might be unaware of:

fan base of eSports growing worldwide

The major reason why people are getting so fanatic about watching eSports is, they can watch them both live and on-demand, that too without spending hundreds of dollars. All they need is just a device and an internet connection to stream the games online.


2. The Revenue Growth of eSports Industry is Continuously Rising

When you are investing in a business, profit is definitely the foremost thing that you care about. Your investment should not go in vain. And the current trend says that eSports is one of the most potential business industries in terms of revenue growth.

eSports is already enjoying a wealth of around $700 million which will rise to market growth of more than $1.2 billion by 2022. Every other person is saving their expenses for this – from sponsorships, advertisers, media rights, content licenses, and even the consumers.

In such scenarios, if you desperately want to be a part of this constantly-growing eSports industry, you can do it right away.

No team, No coding, No setup fees.

Click here to start your eSports channel now.


3. eSports is Entering the Mainstream Industry.

If you had read the 1st part of this blog, you now know that International Olympic Committee may soon feature e-Sports to the list of games including Asian games which is slated to feature the same in its 2022 edition.

Even the major championship games such as NFL, Premier League, and the Winter Olympics are also in talks to adopt the trend of online game streaming platform to increase their fan base worldwide.

Apparently, the leading sports channels are also starting up their own eSports streaming platform – one of the major moves has already been made by ESPN, which is enjoying an amazing success rate.

Now knowing about the profit potential and dynamics of this versatile eSports industry, you must be eager to launch your own eSports service immediately. We know it and that’s why we are here with the impeccable solution of Muvi.

Steps to Start an Online Game Streaming Channel

How to Start an Online Game Streaming Channel?

Well, it all depends on how you want.

If you have enough time and money, you can simply hire a team of coders & designers, and start developing your eSports platform from scratch. But remember, for that you need to be technically sound.

However, with Muvi’s ready-made streaming platform, you can save a lot. Our highly customizable platform allows you to deploy your online game streaming channel instantly at zero upfront investment. From quality streaming of online games to collecting subscription fees from viewers, Muvi offers every necessary feature on its ready-made platform.

Once you decide to launch your eSports channel with Muvi, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our dedicated account managers will help you in building your platform as you want.

Want to know another incredible fact!!

Muvi actually provides you with an entire OTT ecosystem for online game streaming.

Well, in simple words – Muvi is offering a comprehensive package to build, run, and conquer the game streaming business, all under a single roof.

So, what do you think!

Are you ready to launch your eSports channel with Muvi?

Talk to our experts, to know about the pricing & further details.

Written by: Rakesh Ranjan

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