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How Corporate TV is the Next Big Asset for Business Communication? 21 December 2021

Corporate TV


One of the most frequent challenges that business professionals come across these days is what engagement avenues they should invest in for effective business communication. No doubt, social media platforms proved to be a successful medium of communications in the corporate world but with evolving technologies, businesses have come up with a unique approach of reaching their audience. This is where Corporate TV captures the attention of established and start-up companies alike.


What is corporate TV- What it’s meant for? 

Corporate TV is similar to live TV or any other popular live streaming services or applications. However, it’s built for enterprise content such as:

  • Training courses
  • On-boarding videos
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Demand generation assets
  • Recorded podcasts 

Major audience of this platform are students, trainees of companies, external stakeholders etc.

It provides several usability features such as carousel viewing, bespoke channels, playlists, and cross-recommendations. However, beyond these usability features, corporate TV also provides some outstanding aspects that renovate business communication into an interactive, audience-building thrust. These attributes include:

  • Flawless video consumption across any device
  • Ability of streaming live events
  • Various subscription and e-commerce alternatives
  • Integration with marketing apps

Corporate TV offers businesses the flexibility to deliver content to stakeholders in the similar method expert media owners deliver but at lower costs and with the need of an IT team to handle it.


Corporate TV


How corporate TV helps in internal business communication?

Businesses can now offer their employees a single, out of the box, easy-to-use and extremely recognizable experience for accessing video content across organizations along with its departments via corporate TV.

Business owners can make individual videos or may provide an entire playlist accessible by role, department or team as well as track internal engagement.

However, corporate TV is not just limited to video on-demand services. It can also be utilized to manage and stream live internal events such as monthly town halls, appreciation ceremonies, wellness festivals, workshops, cultural meetings, and sales meetings.  

It also comes with its own video delivery networks. This supports numerous coexisting viewers and automatically optimizes video contents for respective end-users.


Role of Corporate TV in external communications

As we discussed in the above paragraph, distributing live TV and video on demand services to employees can be fruitful in internal communication procedures. Just imagine how marketers can boost their communication with external audiences using this fabulous technology! A corporate TV can be used to communicate with any external group that their business supports.

Businesses can also use it for communication with their customers, partners, contract employees, vendors, analysts, investors as well as board members. You can serve them with both Video-on-demand and live events such as product update/launch, partner training program, investor calls, market analyst briefing and client meetings.

Business owners can use commercial TV as a tool to build audiences, generate leads, and drive revenue straight from their corporate contents. It is one of the best solutions for a business’s high-value marketing and lead generation assets. Live marketing sessions such as leadership meetings, web shows, and entertainment-oriented content can be made accessible in a diversity of monetization models such as free, paid, recurring subscription, and even ad supported formats.


Take Away:

Corporate TV has the ability of turning any internal or external communication effort into a media-quality knowledge bank. Several market leaders have recently used corporate TV for effective internal and external communications.  

If your business is not paying attention to corporate TV in 2022, your competitors will outsmart you in the marketplace. If you are looking for an all-in-one online live broadcasting platform, there is no better option than Muvi Playout.

Muvi Playout is a broadcasting software that allows enterprises to launch their live corporate TV and exhibit content sequentially on the web. Try out with a 14-days free trial to explore and experience effortless business communication.


Corporate TV

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