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How to Monetize User Generated Content? 06 October 2021


Due to the ongoing pandemic, many businesses are going virtual by streaming online video to reach their audiences remotely. Taking a step forward, many online video websites/platforms have now enabled UGC or user generated content so that end-users of video platforms can now upload & publish their own video/audio content alongside savouring exclusive content.


What is UGC?


User-generated content, which is alternatively referred to as user-created content, is any form of content, such as videos, audio, images, text, etc that has been posted by end-users on online platforms. 


So, while your end-users consume content from your OTT platform, they can upload and monetize their own created content on your platform and reach out to viewers worldwide!


Muvi allows you to enable User Generated Content & monetize the same via multiple monetization models. You can enable your content partners/end-users to upload & publish their own video/audio content  to your streaming platform without any hassles!


Features to Look out for User Generated Content Platforms


1. Easy Content Upload


Online video platforms supporting this feature enables end-users to create and add video/audio content to the library, and publish it on the streaming platform. 

With Muvi, there are no limits to the number of users and user uploads. 


2. Review User Uploads


Streaming video platforms should allow users to be able to add content directly to the CMS portal to make the content uploading process smooth and easy. However, you should be able to always regulate and approve user generated content after reviewing adherence to relevant guidelines of your streaming platform.


3. Dedicated Section for Uploads


This is an essential feature for streaming platforms supporting the UGC feature. This feature allows your end users to access their uploaded content by navigating directly to a  specified category where particularly their content would be stored. Say, for example, a “My Uploads” section. A dedicated section helps keep a track of the content published by your end-users. Users can also share and promote their content with their audience.


4. Categorize User Uploads


As a platform owner, you should be able to add tags and categorize not only your own content but assign the same for user-generated content as well. By allowing your end-users to choose categories like genre, single or multi-part, meta tags, and description will not only make the content more enriched but enable better content discovery as well. This process of categorizing every upload enables your users to upload content in an organized process. 


How to Monetize your User Generated Content?


1. Freemium Model


A portmanteau for “Free” & “Premium”, Freemium model is a safe and a low barrier to entry where users get basic functionality & access at no cost.

In general, a freemium model is designed to give customers a particular service free of cost. End-users of your platform can utilize this monetization model for their user generated content to attract more viewers to their audio/video content.

By incorporating the freemium model your end-users can offer viewers a lot of free content initially while reserving exclusive content for a premium service at a higher cost, later.


2. Paid Subscriptions 


The most popular method of video monetization, SVOD works by users paying a recurring monthly subscription fee to get access to your videos. Similarly, UGC content can also be monetized using the subscription model. 

End-users can devise multiple pricing plans to target different audiences- students, families, etc so that different people can choose their plans effectively based on their priorities. 


3. TVoD or PPV


TVoD or Transactional Video on Demand is referred to as the Pay-Per-View or rental model wherein you pay for only as much as you consume. Working for both live and on-demand, this allows the viewers of your end-users the ability to make a one-time purchase in order to watch a piece of premium content. 


Wrapping up,


User generated content is an exciting feature not many video streaming platforms support. By enabling support to UGC you would not only open doors for more viewers to subscribe to your platform but also make you stand out amongst the crowd in a way that is anachronistic.


Muvi allows you to gather User Generated Content & monetize the same via multiple models.


Why not take a test drive of our feature-rich platform by taking a 14-day Free Trial?

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Sreejata Basu
Sreejata is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. She is a passionate writer with a background in English Literature and music. By week Sreejata spends her time in the corporate world of Muvi, but on weekends she likes to take short hiking trips, watch movies and read interesting travelogues.

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