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Webinar on “How to Price Your Audio/Video Content” 14 November 2019


We are hosting a Free webinar on “How to Price Your Audio/Video Content?” at 11 a.m. EST / 9.30 PM IST on 22 November.  The webinar will be hosted by the CEO of Muvi, Anshuman Das. 


Join the webinar to get a thorough understanding of monetization models and learn how to strategically price your audio/video content in order to drive maximum revenue.


Some of the key points that will be covered are:

  • Analysis of various factors while pricing content
  • Selecting the correct monetization model for driving maximum ROI
  • Learning about some of the best practices regarding pricing models


Details for joining by phone: +16465588656

Meeting ID: 773414008


Join the discussion by clicking the zoom meeting link below




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