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Launching a Live Playout Solution: Must Have Features 08 March 2021

Launching a Live Playout Solution


Launching a live playout solution is not an easy task- nowadays, the modern viewer expects a graphic-rich viewing experience with very little tolerance to outliers. Having a robust live playout interface brings all of this together to deliver the perfect desired experience. In the new few minutes, we will take you through the most important features you should look out for in a live playout solution. 


Ability to Support Live Sources


The live playout solution should be able to support various live sources formats like  direct satellite feed/HLS/RTMP. Also, look for a live playout that could transcode the raw video feeds and convert it to various outputs like 4K UHD, HD & SD.


Hybrid Platform


Using separate playout platforms for both live streaming and on-demand content is a complicated, time consuming and dated process. Nowadays, broadcasters prefer playout platforms that are able to support both live and on-demand videos simultaneously on a single hybrid platform. A cloud playout solution where channels can be launched instantly using existing media management and delivery infrastructure through a fully virtualized playout is the need of the hour.


Muvi Playout allows you to launch your live TV channel and broadcast pre-scheduled on-demand content sequentially in real-time over the internet. The hybrid platform allows you to schedule both on-demand contents and live feeds on multiple linear channels.


Secure and Reliable Playout


While a cloud playout has a lot of advantages- Automated alerts, QC configurations, and scheduling for effective playout management makes cloud playout platforms more reliable and agile speeds up broadcast workflows through advanced automation techniques. However, although a live cloud playout platform provides a high degree of automation and transparency, as a platform manager, you need to keep your role/permissions and access levels in place, and have built-in redundancy to avoid outages. 


Graphics Insertion


If you are looking for a dynamic live playout solution, it is imperative that you look out for a platform that has capabilities to insert real-time dynamic graphics like  countdown timers, static/animated logos and bugs, multi-layer full screen graphics, ticker/lower thirds overlay etc. this will make your live playout platform more engaging. Also, having a robust platform that integrates social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can make your live content reach out to maximum viewers simultaneously.


Live MCR


A live MCR (Main Control Room) deploying a cloud-native web UI as backend, can be easily accessed by the TV networks. This process facilitates broadcasters’ efficiency in finding out the exact status of playout, of what content is being played and how effective is the management of live sporting events by the MCR team. 


What Muvi Playout has to Offer


With Muvi Playout, you can build multiple live channels from your existing on-demand content and stream across a variety of platforms like web, mobile, and TVs instantly. Muvi Playout uses its vast content delivery capabilities across satellite, fiber and IP distribution networks that make broadcast content possible to any location on any device.



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