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5 Things You Can Do With Muvi Playout’s Drag and Drop Scheduler 31 August 2023

For any FAST Channel and cloud-based linear TV channel, scheduling is always the hardest nut to crack. But if you are using Muvi Playout for your linear and FAST channels, then scheduling can be effortless for you! Our drag-and-drop scheduler … Continue reading

What is EPG and How Does it Work? 10 May 2023

As a viewer, we all want to browse through the content list of a channel (be it FAST Channel or linear TV channel), so that we can know when they will be broadcasting our favorite shows. This list of content … Continue reading

Launching a Live Playout Solution: Must Have Features 08 March 2021

  Launching a live playout solution is not an easy task- nowadays, the modern viewer expects a graphic-rich viewing experience with very little tolerance to outliers. Having a robust live playout interface brings all of this together to deliver the … Continue reading

How Automated Scheduling can Help Playout Management? 03 March 2021

The process of the broadcast scheduling workflow can be quite complicated and it tends to  increase with more number of feeds, and integration with ad schedules for each feed, etc. this is a manual process requiring additional number of people … Continue reading