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Linear OTT & Ad Based Streaming Model: The Ideal Match in 2021

Leena Fernandes Published on : 05 May 2021

The traditional broadcasting system needs a change. Linear TV has been the source of entertainment for a very long time, but with the medium of on-demand content rapidly rising, is there hope for the traditional broadcasting system to progress further in 2021?

Another factor that impacts Linear TV is the advertising medium. Brands spend huge amounts of money to display their ads on this platform but when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of those same ads, how is it possible to state the results?

Here is when Linear OTT and ad-based streaming model can help you. While playout solutions enhance the way you view your broadcasting content, ad-based streaming models aim to create a better impression in the minds of potential buyers. The blend of these two can align better campaigning efforts and broadcasting views. In this blog, we have covered them both to help you understand better. 


What Is Linear OTT?

Linear OTT functions similar to Linear TV such as they broadcast videos and audio. However, there are three main differences:

  • Linear OTT broadcasts its content over the internet
  • Linear OTT makes no use of cable or satellite subscriptions or even over the air methods to showcase content

Linear OTT is growing popular because it eliminates the three common issues of Linear TV which prevent viewers from having a seamless content viewing experience. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

In Linear TV, broadcasting is conducted at a scheduled time and will only work if a cable or Pay TV has been made. We all know how frustrating cable and Pay TV mediums are, if there is a bad network, your viewing experience goes for a toss. 

Another annoying factor that keeps audiences from subscribing to Linear TV is the ‘ad factor’. The amount of repetitive and irrelevant ads plays a role in building frustrated viewers. If you see closely, this isn’t good for advertisers who publish ads via Linear TV so how will advertisers drive their ad revenue?

As stated earlier, TV viewing habits will not decrease instead it needs to incorporate features and functionalities that hold the user’s attention while making it engaging enough to capture more attention of viewers which is exactly why Linear OTT comes into the picture. 

Playout solutions create a convenient platform for viewers to stream content anytime and anywhere with the usage of a stable internet connection. The internet is easily accessible by all users and has become the go-to tool to access anything online.


How Linear OTT Surpasses Linear TV In 2021?

  1. Diverse Tailored Content

Linear OTT provides a diversified content library that will increase online viewer’s watch time. Online viewers prefer personalized content and so with playout solutions, you can deliver tailored programming based on your viewer’s interests. 


  1. Increase in Ad watchability rates

Ads are a great way for content owners to earn revenue, but the growing rate of skipped ads has affected both advertisers and publishers. Linear OTT uses a smart way to integrate ads into on-demand and live content without disrupting your streaming experience. With the use of AVOD, an ad-based streaming model, the platform seamlessly stitches ads into the video content via pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll methods. ( We have covered this topic in detail below.)

Also, Linear OTT eliminates the ‘one ad fits all’ factor and contributes to showcasing only those ads that match the interest of the viewers. The impact? Higher ad viewability rates and scope to drive better ad revenue. 


  1. Ability To Stream Content 24/7

With playout solutions available, such as Muvi Playout, you have the ability to schedule your on-demand and live content 24/7. With a powerful scheduling software, you can align when your viewers can view your content hence keeping them entertained on your channel at all times. While Linear OTT is working on making online viewers’ experiences meliorate each time, it also helps advertisers to earn better with the blend of a reliable ad-based streaming model.


What Is AVOD?

AVOD stands for ad-based video on demand. It is a successful monetization model that generates revenue from the ads shown on videos. Advertisers will pay service providers a stipulated amount for every ad rendered in their videos which can be availed for free by online viewers. 

AVOD functions by inserting ads in the on-demand content via two methods SSAI and CSAI. 

SSAI stands for server-side ad insertion. It is also referred to as Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). SSAI functions just like how Linear TV showcases their ads, ads are inserted in long-form content so viewers will access the ad first and then get back to streaming the content. SSAI holds tons of benefits such as providing a buffer-free experience and preventing ad-blocking since it does a great job in stitching the ads and  VOD content together. 

CSAI stands for client-side ad insertion. The client here refers to devices such as video players, desktops, and more. This client will request the ad server to display an ad once it reaches the ad markers. With the request received, the ad server will sort the right ad to display to the user. This takes place based on multiple information the client provides such as geographical location, viewing patterns, campaigns, and more. 


How Is Linear OTT & AVOD An Ideal Match?

While Linear OTT provides tailored content to deliver a seamless entertainment experience, AVOD will work on enhancing the ad experience for online viewers. The blend of playout solutions and ad-based streaming model will align campaigning strategies hence driving better revenue to meet the expected goals. 

For example, Adam is streaming a movie on your broadcasting channel. In between the movie, an ad appears, Adam surprisingly is intrigued with the ad and upon completion resumes watching the movie with the ad impressions still lingering in his mind. With the ad being stuck in his mind Adam picks up his phone and heads to the advertiser’s website hence increasing the possibility of Adam becoming a potential lead for the advertiser.


What is the takeaway from this example?

  • Adam was not annoyed with the ad being shown to him because it did cater to his interest
  • Adam will not stop streaming your channel because he is happy with the content being provided and is now even happier with the ads being shown as again it caters to his interest

Wrapping Up

If you’re keen to witness how Linear OTT and AVOD blends perfectly, it makes sense to get started on the OTT platform. To make this journey convenient for you, using the assistance of Muvi Playout can help. Muvi Playout will help you to launch your TV channel or streaming platform whilst ensuring that its features contribute to a coherent online TV experience for your viewers.

Get to know Muvi Playout better with the 14-day free trial


Written by: Leena Fernandes

A writer by choice, Leena is a Content Writer at Muvi. She specializes in writing engaging blogs and has more than three years of experience in the content marketing field. When she isn’t playing with words, Leena engrosses herself in criminal and thriller novels.

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