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Guide to Market Your Live Videos in 2022

Ishita Banik Published on : 12 January 2022
How to Market Your Live Videos in 2022


Live streaming is quite the popular way to invite high engagement, promotions and more. From SaaS to entertainment, the mode of streaming is now a very important part of any and all go-to-market plans and strategies. A survey revealed that live videos draw 27% more minutes of watchtime per view compared to the VoD content. Hence, no wonder it is being adopted rapidly to achieve better views, and to reach the overall goal/target for various events, meetings etc. Most of the music concerts, business conferences, product launches, webinars now use live streaming to reach their audiences. But there are many scenarios where the business owners, stakeholders and artists struggle to make their live videos a success. 


Unlike VoDs, live videos are streamed real-time directly to the audience for engaging them in real-time; which done in any other way becomes quite challenging to achieve. Live streaming itself being a dynamic sector, there are many trends, and factors that keep changing and hence here is our latest guide to market your live videos in 2022 and all you need to know about it-


Marketing Your Live Videos in 2022 – A Detailed Guide

You need to do a thorough research on audience and analyze the market you are operating on before you get started with marketing your live videos – 


Audience Research

You can invest a hefty amount of money in creating live videos but overlooking this basic thing may come into the way of turning it into that “big success item”. Based on the type of live stream, your business area/niche, you need to segregate your audience and for that you need to do a thorough research. 

List out the following –

  • Audience age group
  • Time zones
  • The language they speak in
  • How are they engaging to the similar live videos/responding to them
  • What type of live stream they expect from your brand/you

You can conduct online polls/voting to know the audience opinions and align your live stream accordingly to make it successful.


Market Analysis

Based on the market you are operating in like SaaS, ecommerce, automotive, IT etc. or any sector like entertainment, music or OTT, there can be various market dynamics, trends, key platforms, etc. And so it is a prerogative to have in-depth knowledge on the current market. Some tips to help you in analyzing or researching on the respective markets/sectors –

  • Get the purpose of analysis – whether you want to have an idea about the market trends,  how relevant your live videos will be, or you want to have an insight on the type of audience you should be targeting or you want an overview of the sector
  • Study the overall outlook of the industry/sector
  • Analyze the key audience
  • Track the competition, especially, the marketing strategies, live video promotion, live stream themes, success rates of your competitors etc.
  • Determine your position in the present industry, what goals you have and how well your live videos can help you meet them, what are the other tactics that are followed by the competitors when it comes to live streaming, how to stand out from the competition with your unique strategies etc.


It is a good practice to do a thorough market research in the beginning, because each of your live videos must have a purpose and you must market it properly to reach the target you have in mind.


Once you have a clear idea about the target audience, and the market, you need to determine the strategies that will work the best to market your live videos.  Here we have chalked out the market strategies that are must-have to promote your live videos-


1. Targeting Diverse Platforms

It is obvious that you have opted for a good live streaming platform to stream your live videos or are going to choose one. But, do you have a well-planned strategy on how you are going to cover most of the platforms including promoting on social media? No matter how advanced your live stream platform is, making live videos and sharing them over a single platform won’t suffice. It is always recommended to chalk out on which additional platforms you can promote your live stream to benefit. Our take on this?  Always go for a live streaming platform that allows easy social media integration. Data revealed that 42% of the global population, which is nearly 3.2 billion people use social media. However, when you are targeting multiple social media platforms you need to keep in mind the different trends, algorithms, and other factors. Following tips may help you in this case-

  • Use exclusive promo videos over social media platforms before you share your live video
  • Try to limit the promotional video content between 15 to 90 seconds to draw the audience attention
  • Use posters, promotional posts, create flyers or any business flyer template etc. over social media to create the hype before your live stream
  • Target connected TV ads to reach even a wider audience
  • Set up your priorities based on the audience’s inclination of watching videos on different platforms. Such as, the rate of audience watching videos on Instagram is 51%, while the same on Facebook is 46%, followed by Twitter, Pinterest and others
  • Create shareable short videos that include exclusive highlights along with promos of your live stream so that viewers can not only watch them but also can share them easily
  • Don’t forget to utilize YouTube to share your live stream promo as well as the live stream for better visibility, reach and SEO optimization
  • Ensure that you simultaneously live stream on all these social media platforms 


2. Pre-Registrations

Pre-registrations are a great way to build up expectations, and create hype among your audience. No matter how good and unique your live streaming videos are, if the viewers don’t get to know about it beforehand, half the purpose will be lost. You must create pre-registration links, CTA buttons, as well as arrange events on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others so that the audience can be aware of it much before the actual date and have enough time to pre-register and get reminded on time. To make this strategy even more effective –

  • Promote such events/ promote the pre-registration details along with social posts, newsletters, and others
  • You can also boost/promote such posts over social media to drive more audience
  • Offer exclusive deals for the pre-registered viewers such as early bird offers, discounts on related products or services if relevant such as for product launch live streaming

And others.


Statistics say that more than 60% of the marketers need more than 6 weeks to promote any virtual event (including live streaming) and get the minimum required registrations.




3. Push Notifications and Email Marketing

Let’s not forget the power of email marketing and push notifications to not only inform the audience about your upcoming live streaming but also making them aware of the exclusive perks, attraction, and benefits they can get by attending it. You can simply incorporate the registration links on the emails or send timely push notifications with a summary of the upcoming live streams.


76% of the marketers claim that email marketing is the single most effective way to drive the audience to your live streaming videos while through push notifications you can target 85% of the internet users.


4. Creative & Catchy Live Streaming Title

The title of your live streaming video can create an instant impact among the viewers if chosen right. There is no specific rule to invent titles worth going viral or word of mouth promotion or creating instant impact, but a the following tips always work-

  • Ensure the title is relevant. For instance, between ‘Top SaaS strategies’ and ‘Top saaS Strategies in 2022’, the latter will work better.
  • Let your creativity make it more interesting so that the audience reading the title for the first time get the impulse to register for the event
  • Keep it short, simple and easily comprehensible
  • Always convey what interest of the audience the live streaming event holds through the title. For example, ‘iPhone 12 Launch Event’, ‘Product Launch- iPhone12, Packed with Much-awaited Features.’ It clearly shows which one is more catchy and why


5. Call to Action

Call to action buttons let your audience take instant action. They go well with any form of content that you use to market your live stream. For instance, if you are arranging a live music concert, then always keep CTA buttons along with the promo videos, posters, and other social posts so that the interested audience can instantly book a ticket, or secure an early bird offer. Similarly, if you are live streaming a SaaS product launch, then CTAs can be used to offer exclusive discounts on the newly launched product, or to avail an exclusive demo or others. The goal is – not only marketing your live stream videos but at the same time help them fulfill the purpose- be it more sales of your new product or concert tickets or acquiring subscribers.


6. Audience Feedback, Survey and Analytics

This is not exactly a marketing strategy, rather an efficient way to track how effective the marketing strategies were for your last live stream. Analytics, and audience feedback/survey go hand-in-hand giving you a clear picture on how successful your live stream was. The metrics like audience engagement rate, watch time, peak hours etc. gives you a quantitative idea on your live stream’s performance. On the other hand, taking audience feedback  gives you a crystal clear idea on any possible loopholes, areas of improvement, how to meet their expectations and others. No doubt that the outcome will work as another marketing tool for your next live streaming video.


7. Consistency is the Key

If you are live streaming for the first time, then know that marketing your live video is not at all an overnight task. You may leave no stone unturned to market your live videos and yet the audience can forget you as soon as your live stream is over. The goal is to create a long-lasting image/impact of your brand/individual, and so you need to come up with regular video content such as

  • About Us Videos
  • Brand Story Videos
  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • How-to Videos
  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Event Videos


Note that, the above mentioned videos don’t always need to be live but they all together help in retaining the viewers or audience who can relate with your products/services/brand or individual image. As a result, it will be much easier to draw them to each of your live videos and reach the goals. 


Wrapping Up,

While live videos are an effective way to reach out to your audience and increase your brand/business/products visibility and reach, you need to adopt good marketing strategies to stand tall in the crowd. As discussed above, consistency is often the key to success, every live video is a new opportunity to reach the goal you are striving for. Through a robust and impactful marketing plan, it is possible to achieve that.


Muvi Live is one of its kind of enterprise-grade live streaming platform that not only lets you live stream seamlessly but allows you to implement all the marketing strategies at the click of a button and from one single dashboard!! Packed with feature-rich solutions, Muvi Live takes care of everything- flawless social media integration to monetizing your live videos. 

Don’t delay your leap into the growing market. You can make it big too! Start today, take the 14-day free trial of Muvi Live and start live streaming your next video completely free (no credit card required)!

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Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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