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From Gloves to Dollars: Monetizing Your MMA Matches with Paywall

Shivashish Published on : 11 April 2024
monetize MMA matches PPV

There are multiple ways to monetize any content on the internet today. You have subscriptions that can get loyal people to pay a recurring amount and free streaming for your viewers where you earn using advertisers. But is there any other more effective way to monetize like MMA matches and tournaments that does not include ads or require monthly commitments?

The answer is YES! 

Introducing PPV, the latest addition to your monetization strategies that we believe if deployed efficiently, can offer better returns than the standard monetization methods used to stream live matches on the internet. 

When we say that paywall or PPV is going to increase revenues, the next question is how it happens and how you can deploy this monetization to your live MMA matches. In this blog, we are going to discuss what is  PPV and why it is an efficient way to monetize MMA matches and also introduce you to tools such as Muvi Live, that can help you live stream and monetize your MMA matches effortlessly. 

What Is PPV & How Will It Sync With MMA Matches & Monetize?

Monetizing live streams has always been a challenge for content creators and showrunners. While on-demand content has people coming in large numbers for monthly committed payments or SVOD as we say it, the same is not true for live sports. People often want to watch particular matches only and many times, as sports work in seasons, it seems to be a bad idea for a long-term commitment given seasons last for only a particular period.

This is where Paywall comes into the picture. A PPV is nothing but a gateway restriction to your live MMA match that prompts users to pay a certain amount to have limited and exclusive access to the content. This ensures a steady stream of revenue and better user analytics in the long run. 

Paywalls can be broadly classified into 3 types. A hard paywall that keeps all the content gated and only allows the user to access it when they pay for it. Then comes a soft paywall that gives users some access to the content let’s say the first 5 minutes for free and then asks for the viewership charges from the user. The last one is freemium where a particular part of the content can be accessed any number of times but the users will have to pay a further price to get access to the entire match.


Benefits of Using PPV For Live MMA Matches

Regardless of the type of paywall you use, it is a great way to monetize your content. Here are a few reasons why you must try a paywall to monetize your live streams. 

Increased Engagement

A paywall gives a sense of exclusivity to the audience. A paywall makes the content special. Having a paywall also means genuinely interested people will watch your content meaning you start to build a loyal fanbase that is financially invested in the live streams. This helps to grow and nurture your audience with quality content. 

Increased Revenue

The likelihood of a user purchasing a monthly subscription for a seasoned tournament is less and having a paywall gives the audience smaller commitments to that start and end at will. So if your MMA matches are popular, chances are paywall is going to give you a better revenue stream against SVOD or AVOD.

Better Analytics

Since every person watching has to go through a payment gateway, tracking gated content becomes easier. This results in better analytics that can be converted to actionable insights used to further improve the quality and methods of your live streams.


How To Live Stream MMA Matches Using Paywall?

Muvi Live is a live streaming platform that helps users live stream their content online and deploy monetization as they do so. One of many monetizations that Muvi LIve offers is a way to add a paywall to your live streams. Muvi Live has partnered with several payment gateways and once you set up a price and start a live stream, the payment option is instantly reflected onto the live video player from where users can simply make payment and start access to the content. 

Here are the steps on how you can start live streaming with a paywall.

Setup Your Muvi Live Account

Muvi Live is a completely PAYG service which means users need not pay any monthly subscription to access the live streaming facility. Instead, users are billed on the bandwidth and streaming minutes. Simply create an account with Muvi LIve to get started.

Setup & Link Payment Gateway 

Muvi will help you set and link the payment gateway to your account and then you can use it to manage your collections all of which is visible on the same CMS.

Login To Muvi Live CMS & Start A Live stream

Simply start a new live stream and fill in all the necessary fields such as the title, description, etc, and then go to edit live stream. Here you can see various options to enable such as DRM, record, Advertisements, and Paywall. Turn the Paywall option on and then fill in the currency and amount to be charged. Save the necessary details and click on Go Live.

Once the content is live, a gateway similar to this shared below will be visible to the end-user and they can simply click on it, make the payment, and get instant access to the content. Putting a paywall to your live streams is that simple. 



Benefits Of Muvi Live Paywall

A paywall as we said before is one of the better sources of revenue for live streams. Compared to YouTube Ads, the Muvi Live paywall can generate 10x revenue for a 1 hour live stream. Here are a few other benefits of deploying Muvi Live Paywall to your MMA matches.

Instant Setup & Payments

No need to wait for account setup or any special access. Simply set up a price and go live within 5 minutes and your money is safe as we use multiple inbuilt payment gateways and 135+ currency support to assist global safe and secure payments. End users don’t need to set up anything. They just pay and start streaming.

Less Commission No Commitments

Muvi Live is a PAYG service which means you keep most of the revenue to yourself. All Muvi charges in its PAYG is a 10 percent commission of all transactions.


Great Insights

Muvi Live’s CMS gives you access to all data and its converted actionable insights. Do deep customer analysis using our data and also get access to revenue analytics. You can also monitor stream health and payments all at the backend in real-time.

Secured Streaming

Muvi LIve is backed by the latest industry-leading piracy protection measures such as multi-level DRM, dynamic watermarking, PCI compliance, and more. Any unauthorized access is prevented by using Muvi’s 24/7 monitoring teams

The benefits of a paywall are many and Muvi Live can help you extract the most out of your live MMA matches and ensure that you get the best return on your investment. 

Muvi Live’s Paywall can redefine the earning potential of your MMA matches. By selling exclusivity to your viewers, you not only develop an alternate revenue stream, but a paywall also ensures better earnings every time. Live streaming software like Muvi Live is built to provide end-to-end support for deploying a paywall to your live MMA matches. Start hassle-free paywall-enabled live streaming using Muvi Live today.


Pay-per-view is a monetization method when users pay directly to the streamers for one-time access to exclusive content. In context with MMA, PPV allows fans to purchase access to specific fights or events through the live-streaming platform.

Once you have your live MMA matches ready to be sold and marketed, you can simply subscribe to any of the live streaming tools such as Muvi Live, and start streaming content along with a PPV gateway instantly.



Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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