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My Story: Sunil Kund

Aditya Nayak Published on : 13 September 2022


 2015 to 2022: Almost around 8 years. How is your experience?


I started as a Software Engineer at Muvi in 2015 and from there on to Developer Manager. It’s been a tremendous journey so far and seems like yesterday I join. During this time frame, I have come across many peoples and experienced a lot from everyone around. Muvi had only 8-9 employees, when I joined, which made me very nervous. I doubted myself if I was in the wrong place. But when I met one of its employees, he told me one day we will be like Infosys. And also the same I heard from different members including with CEO, Anshuman Das. From there it made me confident that one day we will be a huge brand. Today we have 250 employees with 200+ customers all over the globe. Now I can say loudly we are growing but still, we are far away from reaching the sky.


You might have seen many UPs & Downs with MUVI. Will you please share some incidents?


One day we were working in a small room with a very limited number of employees there, but now we have our own setup office, with different departments having over 250 employees. We had also big brand customers like Sony, Tata, and Nike. Also got an offer from Shilpa Shetty. Most of the revenue we had generated from Sony but one day suddenly they set up their own platform and signed out from us. But we never look backward and always focus on our product to improvise quality, security, performance, how we can able to make it stable and increase more customers day by day. Now we have 200+ customers and 500+ partners all over the world. We had only one product(Muvi One), having so many features are there. But we got to know people are selling their products with very limited features when we attended different shows like IBC and NAB. From there, we started the diversification of our product and now we have six products, which gives us immense pleasure.


 What is your inspiration for this company?


Muvi is famous for its good policies and processes. There is no Boss-employee or Sir-Madam culture. All are equal with respect to any religion, nationality, or designation. Anybody can approach anyone. It doesn’t matter if you belong to any department having any designation. People love to work here because of the flat culture, transparency, and friendly atmosphere. People voluntarily take ownership of their team/module and trust 100% on each other, which creates a comfort zone to work with a team. You will be praised loudly even if you do small to small work. Every time you will get challenging work, that can never bore you. You will be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, and never feel unease, incompetent, or distressed by them. We dream huge, think big, and execute small. This continuous learning process makes us finer and stronger than others. These factors influence a lot, so much so that some employees even after resigning from Muvi, again join back after a few months/years.


What’s your goal with MUVI?


To be honest, the goal is very huge and ambitious that we want to grow like HOCKEY stick, in terms of product, in terms of customer, in terms of revenue, etc… We just want to dominate in OTT platform space and place the number one position across the globe. People take the reference of Google for every requirement. Likewise, we want that our culture and the fabulous process should spread all over the globe, so people should start taking the example of Muvi.


Please tell us something about your team. 


Honestly, I may not be able to explain what exactly we have contributed so far, but one thing we can say is that we always give 100% honest efforts & commitments to any tasks assigned to us. Also, we have produced multiple skilled people, leaders in our team, who have run their own team later. Probably this way we win the trust. As a team, we have a punch line like “Let’s do our best, everything else will be better by itself”.


Any message for those who want to join us?


I believe Muvi would be the best place where you can explore any area in all possible ways. It helps you to grow professionally as well as personally. Its best working environment and culture provide various opportunities, which make you a complete package. And one more important point is that nobody would be able to stop you, hide you, and conquer you if you are really talented and smart. You will get highlighted, praised, and rewarded automatically if you deserve it. I strongly recommend that it would be one of the best places in the world where you can prove your talent.

Written by: Aditya Nayak

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