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My Story of Working With Muvi – Swagat Kumar Mishra

Admin Published on : 02 April 2024
Muvi_My Story - Swagat Kumar Mishra

In his seven long years of working with Muvi, Swagat Kumar Mishra has proved to be instrumental in the evolution of our products. As a senior product manager, he currently takes care of the content, user, billing, and analytics pods, alongside working on Muvi Flex. In this interview, we dive deep into his experiences of working as a senior product manager with Muvi, where he shares the challenges he’s conquered, the lessons learned, and the exciting future he sees for our products. So let’s get started!

2017 to 2024: 7 Years is quite a long time to stay in a single company. What made you motivated to stay this long?

Over the last seven years at Muvi, what’s kept me here is the constant push to try new things and grow. The team’s support and the leadership’s encouragement have made it a place where I’m always learning. Seeing how the company has grown and being part of that journey gives me a real sense of pride. It’s all about the learning, the impactful work, and the feeling that I’m making a difference that’s kept me going. I will forever be indebted to my mentors Pragyan (ex-CTO) and Anshuman (CEO) who have helped me learn a lot and this mentorship was also one of the factors that helped me stay motivated and learn new things.

Can you share some of your unforgettable memories with MUVI?

During this journey, there are many moments in Muvi that have stayed with me. 

  • Within 5 months of joining Muvi, I was awarded my first reward points for one productive hack I introduced to my work.
  • Way back in 2018, we reached our first 100 customers and it was an awesome moment. 
  • Our first annual day event started in 2017 and it was early days for me in the company. I learned how a company that works hard, parties hard! 
  • I remember the days when I was awarded over the years in multiple annual day events for my contributions to the company. 
  • Before the pandemic, we didn’t have work from home policy so I remember how we planned on the spot when the pandemic hit and prepared for our work-from-home journey to this day.

There are many many more memories that were eventful … I will cherish them forever. 😊

You are in the product team now. You have seen the journey from scrum to product. Do you think this is the right place for career growth for someone who deserves it?

Absolutely, I believe Muvi is an excellent place for career growth, especially for those who are deserving and driven. Having experienced the journey from scrum to product, I’ve seen firsthand how the company nurtures talent and rewards hard work. The emphasis on a flat work culture and ownership creates an environment where individuals can thrive and make a significant impact. For anyone who is passionate about product development and is looking for a place to grow and excel, Muvi is the right place.

What are your future goals with MUVI?

As I look to the future with Muvi, my goal is to not only oversee the development of cutting-edge products but also to mentor and lead our product management team towards excellence. I plan to use my expertise to shape strategic decisions that align with our long-term objectives, ensuring that our product portfolio continues to innovate and dominate the market. I’m eager to take on larger projects that have a significant impact on our customers and the industry. Ultimately, I envision contributing to Muvi’s legacy as a pioneer in the field, while also nurturing the next generation of product leaders within the company.

Any advice for the new talents who aspire to join our organization?

My advice for new talents looking to join our organization is to embrace the culture of innovation and continuous learning that Muvi stands for. Be prepared to challenge yourself, think creatively, and push beyond your comfort zones. Here, we value collaboration and the willingness to take initiative. Stay curious, be proactive in seeking knowledge, and never hesitate to share your ideas. At Muvi, your contributions will not only be recognized but will also play a crucial role in shaping the future of our products and services. Welcome aboard, and I look forward to the fresh perspectives you’ll bring to our team.

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