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A Guide to Patient Engagement in Healthcare and its importance

Ankit Jena Published on : 13 May 2022
Patient engagement in healthcare


Healthcare is one of the most critical aspects of any society. A healthy community helps countries grow with prosperity. Whether it is a pandemic situation or regular days, social well-being to economic performance, everything depends upon how people receive and respond to healthcare. Patient engagement in healthcare plays a vital role in helping doctors and hospitals achieve better outcomes for their business and patients. Patient engagement is all about encouraging patients to make informed choices and decisions about their health. Engaged patients are also referred to as activated patients, and that means they engage in positive behavior such as managing their health conditions.


What is Patient engagement in healthcare?

Patient engagement in healthcare is a process in which patients themselves gather information about their health and make decisions about their symptoms, diseases, and how they could treat them. It is nothing but a series of actions where the patient partners with healthcare service providers and public policy to accomplish desired results. It’s not possible on the path of the doctors and other medical staff to reach out to each patient and provide information and options about their ailments. And if patients don’t respond and participate in this process, they are not engaged. If there is regular two-way communication between doctors and patients, that’s where patient engagement happens.


Patient engagement in healthcare


Importance of Patient Engagement in healthcare

Some medical professionals feel that patients should only be following their advice. But research shows patients have a significant role in making decisions. Patient engagement forms a greater understanding and more substantial commitment to healing and healthcare processes. Higher patient engagement leads to improved patient outcomes and costs savings. According to research made in 2013, higher patient engagement lessens the need for urgent care and emergency visits to the hospital. This also helps healthcare organizations build a loyal relationship with their patients, allowing them to stay invested in their care. Integrating a FHIR server can facilitate smoother communication and information exchange, fostering enhanced patient engagement and collaborative decision-making.

Who are the end-users?

The users here are anybody currently or might seek medical care in the future for them or their families. New adults managing their healthcare by themselves can get the most benefits from patient engagement tools, such as pregnant women experiencing significant medical changes and older patients who may need more help to memorize doctor appointments and medication usage.


The Role of Video in Patient engagement in healthcare

Though the video is not needed in healthcare-focused engagement solutions, it is essential. Video is a valuable medium that helps patients connect and communicate more effectively with the healthcare facilities and can express their feelings through the help of facial expressions, vocal tone, and body language. Video also helps doctors understand patients’ conditions and treatments, as people across all age groups increasingly report that they prefer to learn through video. Video-based patient engagement solutions provide analytics to help you track how patients use the tools.


Things to look for in a patient engagement solution

Suppose you are searching for a video-based patient engagement solution for your hospital or healthcare organization. In that case, you must consider the following factors to meet the needs of your vast patient base.


All devices and platforms accessibility

Patients access information on different devices and different platforms over the internet, so make sure you select a video platform for patient engagement that will work despite any operating system or type of device being used. The video must be of high quality from desktops to mobile and look as if it was designed to be delivered to the device without any glitches.


Easy to use platform

Patient engagement eliminates the barrier between patients and healthcare organizations, and thus the patient engagement solution you are going to implement must be easy to use by your valuable patients. There should be no download or installation; a single click directly redirects your patient to the solution’s page.


White label branding

Patients trust your brand and expect high-quality treatment from your healthcare organizations. They want an experience that reassures them they are directly communicating with their doctor’s office or medical service provider. And white label branding allows you to design a custom-made platform that matches your organization’s theme, look, and terminology.


Live and recorded video option

Patients or users want to access information any time they prefer. They love learning or researching on their own. However, you might not always reach them through live video, whether for telemedicine or a webinar. However, with options to offer both live and recorded video, patient engagement solutions will address the needs of more or your patients more often.



Analytics is essential to know what type of videos your patients like and want to watch often. You can also know which health information video is watched in which location and who is not watching your videos anymore. Analytics is vital for refining your patient engagement in healthcare solutions and, in turn, achieving immense success.


Muvi Live for Patient Engagement in healthcare

If you are looking forward to getting started with a live video streaming platform and boosting patient engagement, Muvi Live would be a better option! With an easy-to-use and no-coding live video streaming platform, Muvi delivers brand-defining live video experiences. Live stream healthcare support anywhere globally with low latency and real-time interactivity among doctors and patients. Start a 14-days free trial to know how Muvi Live can take your patient engagement solution to the next level.


Patient engagement in healthcare

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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