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Repurposing Live Streams – All You Need to Know

Ishita Banik Published on : 07 November 2022
Repurposing Live Streams


Repurposing live streams is one of the key strategies to keep up with your content production requirements. In this era of growing internet usage and online video consumption, businesses are opting for live streaming at an increasing rate. Be it promoting a newly launched product or feature, or conducting live shopping – live streaming is helping businesses reach diverse goals easily. 

Statistics revealed that the weekly reach of the live streaming videos is 29.5% as in the 4th quarter of 2021, while the hours spent on mobile live streaming apps surpassed 480 billion globally in 2020 and is set to rise further. 

This explains well why live videos are one of the most preferred content formats among the businesses from diverse sectors. At same time, repurposing live streams has emerged as a widely adopted strategy to accommodate growing content production requirements for the businesses. If you are wondering how and why, then read on. In this blog we will guide you through all you need to know about repurposing live streams.


Importance of Repurposing Live Streams

Repurposing live streams has several advantages such as –

1. Helps Deliver More Content

Repurposing live streams and sharing them as VOD content helps you keep up with your growing requirement for video content production. As you are repurposing and sharing already existing recorded live streams, it doesn’t require much effort and makes your live streams even more purposeful. Also, it helps accommodate the ad-hoc content requirements for your business.

2. Reduces the Associated Time and Cost 

Repurposing live streams considerably reduces the time to create videos and the production costs associated with it. The cost to produce a video on an average can range from US $1,200 to US $30,000 or even more and repurposing your live streams can significantly cut down this cost and the time taken.

3. Helps in Goals Conversion

It is a good practice to analyze the performance of your live streams like average watchtime, bounce rate, CTA conversions, and others and repurpose the live streams with better KPIs to optimize the results further. Also, by repurposing live streams and sharing them on diverse media, you can boost the traffic to your website or certain product/solution pages significantly. 


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Top Smart Ways to Repurposing Live Streams 

Now that you have a better idea about why repurposing live streams is important, let’s walk you through some of the top smart ways to repurposing live streams.

1. Target Diverse Social Media

You can easily target diverse social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn by repurposing your live videos into the supported video lengths and formats for different social media. You can also attach the relevant CTA links such as new product launch, feature update, discounts, offers and others to drive conversions further.  

2. Create Mini Videos

Mini videos have better audience engagement rate and higher performance in terms of SEO. Also, they are compatible to be shared as shorts, stories, reels, snippets and others on social media and are easily shareable. Repurposing live videos to create such mini videos lets you reach out to even more audiences and improve the audience engagement rate further.

3. Make Podcasts 

Podcasting is an excellent way to reach out to your target audience and improve the engagement for your target audience as well as the existing customers. Making podcasts from your live streams and sharing them on multiple channels help you create a whole new audience base and drive conversions from there.

4. Create Video Lead Magnets

Video lead magnets are a creative way to repurpose your live streams and boost your site traffic or reach relevant business goals. All you need to do is record and embed your live streams on your landing page as gated content. 

5. Make Sliders, GIFs, and Teasers

You can unleash the power of multi-format content such as sliders, teasers and GIFs to use them on various occasions in various ways to fulfill certain business goals. Teasers can be created by taking the intriguing part from your recorded live streams to serve specific purposes. For instance, if it’s a live product launch video, then the teaser can just display the key features/highlights. Or, you can create a GIF or slider displaying the key features.

5. Embed in Your Blogs

Another easy and effective way to repurpose live streams is to embed them into your blogs. By embedding the relevant videos into your blog you can improve the blog quality, audience engagement and drive traffic to your site through CTAs.

6. Share through Email Campaigns

Planning for an email campaign? Next time don’t forget to include the relevant videos to make the personalized emails even more engaging for your audience. Either you can embed your recorded live videos to the email blast or use them as shareable links.


The Bottom Line

By repurposing live streams you can increase its efficiency by manyfold and the above guide will help you repurpose your live streams in one or more ways as per your priorities or goals. To get started with, you need a competitive live streaming platform that lets you record, save, and access your live videos easily. 

Muvi Live, an all-in-one live streaming platform provider, not only lets you do these easily, but offers a range of competitive solutions such as easy social media integration, DVR-enabled live streaming, video library, analytics & insights, and many more, to take your live streaming to a whole new level. Take a 14-day free trial today to know more (no credit card needed)!

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Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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