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Video Hosting Best Practices in 2022

Ishita Banik Published on : 03 June 2022


Knowing video hosting best practices lets you keep up with your video streaming goals efficiently while delivering consistent results. The growing video streaming industry has made it even more challenging to cater to the audience’s new requirements and even harder to secure a position amidst the fierce competition. 

While looking for a video hosting platform, you must ensure that it offers all the must-have solutions to optimize your streaming quality and customer experience from what it is. The global video streaming industry was worth $372.07 billion in 2021 and is forecast to surpass $1600 billion by 2029, according to a recent market report, so it is safe to say that the one with a strong hosting platform can make significant growth

To ensure a good customer retention rate in the video streaming businesses and to prevail in the current and future market, companies need to improve their streaming at various levels. 

As your video hosting platform makes for the most crucial part of your streaming business, it is important to implement the best video hosting practices. In this blog we will guide you through the video hosting best practices in 2022. So, let’s get started!


All You Need to Know about Video Hosting Best Practices in 2022

Here’s a list of the video hosting best practices to adopt in 2022.

Pre-define Your Video Hosting Requirements

Based on your business video hosting trial genre, target audience, and goals, you must define your video hosting related requirements at first. For instance, if your website or app offers a broad category of video content, then you may want to offer the audience an easy solution to create video playlists. 

Or, if you have a wide audience who speak different languages, then you may want to implement multilingual captions, and so on. Listing out your requirements will help you have a clear idea on what solutions you expect from a video hosting platform and get a run down on how to utilize them properly.

Ensure Compatibilities for Various Devices & Browsers

No matter how big or small your audience base is, you must take into account that there are different types of devices and browsers on which your viewers will stream your content. For instance, if your content is only compatible with a handful of devices and browsers, then it may seriously affect your streaming business, as many of the users won’t be able to stream properly at all. So, always ensure that your video hosting platform comes with cross-device and cross-platform compatibility to offer seamless streaming experience to all your customers.


Cloud Hosting Platform


Implement Multilingual Subtitles

If you are running an OTT or VOD or any other video streaming business, then you must know that language should never be a barrier to access your content by the users from diverse demographics. Statistics say that 80% of the UK viewers use subtitles while subtitled videos increase the view time by more than 12% and are watched at least 91% to completion on an average globally.

While it is important to keep enough content on different languages for different geographical locations, it is crucial to offer subtitles on multiple languages so that any user can stream and enjoy any content of his/her choice irrespective of the language he/she speaks in. But adding subtitles can be a complex and tedious task unless you opt for the right video hosting platform. 

A sound video hosting platform will let you add subtitles in bulk in as many languages as you want. Also make sure that you can add them in various formats such as .stl, .srt, .vtt, and .smi, to name a few and change the font type, size, color, background, and others for better readability. 

Ensure Your Brand Image Is Conveyed

It is of utmost importance to convey your brand image through each of your videos. Your video hosting solution should be equipped with a customizable online video player that lets you easily add your brand logo, and other details to help you create brand recall value. Also, it is a good practice to embed your video content on various platforms and media such as for latest trailers, teasers and highlights to establish a strong brand image and for marketing purposes.

Offer Better Viewer Control

Your viewers will always prefer a bit of control and one of the video hosting best practices is to let them have it. Ensure these pointers to provide your users with better control –

  • Offer picture in picture (PIP) solution to the viewers so that they can watch your videos in a floating window while multitasking
  • The viewers can pause and resume the videos from exactly where they left off
  • There are multiple languages available for the audio
  • The viewers can control the playback speed as per their preferences
  • They can skip intro easily



These will help improve your viewers’ experience substantially.


Host Your Videos With an Industry-grade Video Hosting Solution

To adopt  video hosting best practices and implement those easily, you must choose an enterprise-grade video hosting platform. Muvi Flex is a one of its kind video hosting platform that enables you to implement all the best practices through a few button clicks. 

Not only it lets you avail the top-notch video hosting solutions, but offers a no-coding video hosting platform along with a customizable online video player. Built-in CDN, auto encoding & transcoding, MRSS Feeds, video cards, social cards, and analytics & reports are some of its top solutions. But that’s not it! Sign up for a 14-day free trial today to explore more (no credit card Needed)!

muvi flex free trial

Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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